Worst Dates Series: The One Where We (Literally) Netflix-ed and Chilled

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So, I matched with this girl and I knew that I wasn’t into anything serious. I told her as much early on in the match. Eventually I asked her, “So you’re cool with me just inviting you over for Netflix and chill sometime?”

She replied, “Yeah, but I don’t normally go to other people’s place. Can we chill at mine?”

I told her sure and left it at that. Didn’t want to seem too desperate.

A couple of days later, she posts an Instagram story saying she was bored. I was feeling frisky, so I thought, why not? I WhatsApp her to ask what she’s doing, and she invites me over to her place to have dinner.

Of course, at this point I’m thinking it’s on like Donkey Kong. I tell her I need to get ready first, but if she’s hungry go ahead and eat. I was going to take a while, cause I wanted to shower, shave… you know, ‘get ready for the lady’ routine.

She tells me that later at 10pm her friend wants to meet (it was 7PM then), and she suggests that maybe we can have coffee before that.

I’m not a total idiot, so I start to suspect that maybe she really just wants to have coffee, so I ask, “Are we ‘chilling’? I can leave after if you want to. I don’t need to stay, haha. Or we can just have coffee too – it’s up to you.”

She just replies “Yeah, just come after you’re ready.”

So, I’m like, cool. Coffee is just the front.

I arrive, and she invites me in for a beer on her balcony. She lives in a nice fancy studio apartment – where the balcony is right outside her bedroom, and before that is the living room.

We start talking about drugs – she loves her stimulants. I’m a 420 guy, but she’s more into the other stuff which is great for parties. She shows me her pills and asks if I wanted to try some. I like being sober for Netflix and Chill though, so I politely refuse.

After about 20 minutes, and knowing she’s leaving soon, I ask “Shall we go back inside?”

She says sure, let me finish my drink first. So, I go in first, and sit down on her bed. She comes in a bit later, and heads over to the living room and turns on the TV.

It’s a bit weird, but I think that maybe she just likes doing it on the sofa? She doesn’t want to mess up her bed? I don’t know, and I don’t judge. I just follow her lead and sit next to her.

She doesn’t actually have Netflix, so she’s putting on this Vision Four channel, where it’s a bit grainy and not even in HD. We watch that boring movie – Jack the Giant Slayer.

About 10 minutes in, nothing’s happening so I make a move. I say hey, and when she looks at me, I reach in to kiss her.

Her eyes widen and she leans back and asks “Wowow… what’re you doing?”

I’m like, what?

That’s when I realise – Oh my God, this girl doesn’t know what Netflix and Chill is. She thinks it’s literally Netflix and Chill.

We spend the next 20 minutes with me explaining what Netflix and Chill is. She was like omg I never knew. I said, well at least now you know – so other guys won’t ever be in this position again.

Anyway, it’s cool, I didn’t mind. She was a nice girl so I think we both had a good laugh about it. Moral of the story? Maybe use the word ‘hookup’ more here. Netflix and Chill may not be as popular a phrase.

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