I’ve realised that it’s not worth getting angry about what you read, when you could spend your day doing something you love.

The term “Tanjung Rambutan” is what Malaysians use to refer to a mentally unwell person, due to its relationship to the infamous Hospital Bahagia.

When we're young, we feel like sometimes parents can be too harsh. Looking back you realise -  they're human too. 

Truth is, there are a lot of shady bosses out there. Either they’ve been exposed or their deeds have been kept in silence by unwilling parties. 

Short girls are immediately labelled as cute. I’ve always tried to defy this by arguing, “No, I’m cool!” or “Why can’t I be badass?”, to which, people would just laugh.

Networking is just another way to meet new people. Attending one networking event in isolation will not help you build a meaningful relationship.

Depression hijacks the normal function of your emotions and makes you feel terrible all the time. But with understanding comes compassion, and with compassion comes support.

When it comes to street food, you can’t really expect angmoh CEOs to know what they’re talking about lah. 

She’s made it her goal to clean up our city drains - by turning waste cooking oil into sweet-smelling soaps!

The days in ICU planted the tiniest seed of gratitude in me, even if I didn’t realise or care for it at the time.

While my friends’ dads walked on carpeted floors in leather shoes, my dad walked around in his big yellow Phua Chu Kang boots on cockle shells that make the grounds.

My partner and I argue petty stuff like “Why did you take this jammed road?” to serious issues, like “Why are you always avoiding my family functions?”

I unfollowed every single person on social media and basically Marie Kondo-ed my thoughts. Does this thought spark joy? No? Away it goes.

As a stay-at-home mum, I’ve drawn some flak from relatives and friends who think I am wasting my overseas education and job skills and resources.

From big ballroom dinners at fancy hotels to garden luncheons with performances by Chinese acrobats, I cannot afford to compete for ‘Wedding of the Year’, nor am I interested in doing so.

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