I knew I had to break off this friendship before it destroyed the both of us.

I'm a mix of Eurasian and Malay. Growing up as a ‘mixed-blood’ is indeed no walk in the park, but to be honest, it is beyond a blessing.

I was only 9 when I first manifested suicidal tendencies.

There's a famous saying: don't compare your Behind The Scenes to another person's Greatest Hits showcase. Some people look successful, but you don't know the hardships they have had to face to get to where they are now.

In order to be an inspiration to others, I do not allow blindness to hinder me from living a normal life and achieving my goals.

Because physical contact was so scarce in the marriage between my parents, I assumed that that was normal behaviour.

We need to shake the Malaysian perception that extroverts are loud, brash, and rude.

After the excesses of New Year celebrations, belts are tightening, wallets are lightening, and your bank account is frightening. 

Contrary to expectation, we aren’t miserable loners with zero friends, nor do we hate talking to people.

I was always thinking about, “Where is my life heading too?” or “Why is everyone living the life I want?” and even “Will I ever be good enough?”

The only person that treated me like a human being was the doctor that did the surgery.

Kellie’s Castle is an abandoned Scottish mansion built in Perak — I just had to see what it had in store!

Think twice before you sign that job offer or promotion letter, because I have learned the hard way that title and power do not guarantee happiness.

Wandering the streets at night after buying supermarket instant noodles, I would look in envy at the clusters of friends laughing and walking by.

For parents, going back to school can be stressful because of other parents in their Whatsapp groups.

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