Malaysia's new e-hailing laws will tighten up regulations for our e-hailing drivers. Many are worried that a lot of part-timers will switch to other jobs that don't have such strict requirements. We spoke to Alfred (not his real name), a part-time e-hailing driver, to get a first-hand look into the issues.

I held his hand, cuddled him in his sleep, kissed him like we were dating. I cried the last night we spent together (while he was asleep, of course). I knew we would never date. But I didn’t regret a single second I spent in that weird limbo zone between dating and not-dating.

I’ve been sheltered all my life. I had never wanted to try new or risky things. However, my perspectives changed during my solo trip to Amsterdam. I became adventurous – at least when it comes to food.

Naturally, I have a few friends who are feminists as well. But just like some vegans, they take feminism to the extreme. Everything that goes wrong in their life is because of sexism and gender inequality. It’s never their own fault.

Everyone knows someone who has a story about how they switched careers. I’ve had friends who studied medicine and became a DJ. Why do so many people go into a particular field with such high hopes and dreams, only to go on to do something completely different?

Some of us would put glue on our palms, so it formed another layer. Some of us would make sure we don’t get caned on the dominant hand, so we could continue to write. Some of us would rub our palms so they are warmer, and it felt less painful.

I was informed that my client was flagged as a scammer, and thus his credit card verifications, supposedly unremovable, were removed.

Instead of helping me get my payment, the customer service closed down my client’s account. It was immediate. I had no time to even contact them myself to ask for my pay.  

Breaking up can be hard. A bad break up can lead to regrets, essentially causing harm in the people involved but you broke up for a reason. Don't let regret place you back into a relationship that's failed before.

She was in her own world, mourning over the death of her baby. At that time, she could hardly think straight. She had lost four babies in less than five years.
No parent would want to bury their own child.

As virgins, we dream of popping our cherries at some point. The desire to have sex for the first time is alluring, especially for men. But my first experience made me sick to the core. Here's what happened.

He was willing to pay USD100 for me to chat with him for a week via e-mail. The money sounded good, and I agreed.

Worst mistake ever.

Those were the days - flirting and falling in love. I was devastated when our days were numbered and I had to leave even though my heart was with him, back in my home country.

Previously, university had been for affluent members (mostly men) of society. Before degrees became commonplace, people relied on apprenticeships and learnt their skills on the job itself. Nowadays, you don’t need that. You can just teach yourself skills with the Internet!

If the lecturer tells you, “I’ll see you in the next semester”, then you won’t need to waste your time with classes anymore. Score 100% for your assignments and revise all you want - your finals are going to be graded as a big, fat 'F'.

For our first ever event, we presented a collection of heartfelt and personal stories – from a transgender man, a sexual assault survivor, a person suffering from eczema, and a successful entrepreneur – each with their own lessons of overcoming life’s challenges.

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