The story of Highland Towers sends chills down everybody’s spine. In 1993, one of the towers collapsed killing 48 people.

It feels like people in their 40s should be wise old sages with everything in life figured out. But here I was, in my late 30s, still with no idea what life was supposed to be. 

3 years of my life with a person whom I loved with all my heart and soul, and I did not notice the red flags because I was blinded by love.

In a strange way, the things that we fear the most are the things that hold the key to our success.

My friends are buying houses, moving in with their partners, and one or two are even having accountants do their taxes. Meanwhile, I’m here, jobless, boyfriend-less, and still struggling to understand what SOCSO is.

Beaten down, he said in a low voice, “I’d rather stay confined in the comfort of my home than go out and fear for my life every single moment.”

My story of life after an abusive romantic relationship didn’t follow the classic trajectory: I actually found it harder to stand up for myself post-abuse.

Two days of this daily routine and I remembered why I absolutely despised walking to and from work everyday — because of the stares.

I met Kei at a party, and we hit it off so well. But there was one thing I was torn about — he had a girlfriend.

It was easier to pay lip service with a “Sorry”, but in doing so, I was doing everything except taking responsibility.

People say, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” But my belief is: “Planning can lead to failure.”

Have you ever wondered what all those cool job descriptions like “IT Rockstar” and “Admin Ninja” really mean? Here’s a decoder.

Tai-po was my family’s matriarch who passed down her recipes for sweetened dumplings, Tang Yuan, and the famous Mandarin Peel Orange Duck.

While some see marriage as the next step in life as an adult, others, my friend and I included, are deciding not to say “I do”. At least, not in the near future.

Here are a couple indicators that tell you a change may be in order.

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