A lot of the time, people are surprised to see me, and would ask questions. Women in particular seemed relieved to see me as their driver.

Although exotic pets look vicious, with proper care and treatment, they can be very cute too.

As their career progresses, a manager’s skills should improve, a boss’s competencies should develop and a leader’s abilities should evolve. …

When my husband found a job in Singapore, I was forced to choose: Go with him to keep my family together, or stay in Malaysia with everyone I love?

5 minutes turned into 10, and soon 30 minutes. Next thing you know, bam! The lights came on and the music abruptly came to a halt, and the police were inside the club.

Tua Ee Po was the eldest sister of my grandmother, and all my childhood memories of the Hungry Ghost festival are attributed to her.

Feeling depressed isn't a sudden disease like catching a flu. It's a rewiring of the brain; a chronic illness that I learnt to manage.

Looking back at that time, I pity myself – so young, so positive, so full of energy to take on the working world and make a difference. With time, I came to see the real picture.

Being pregnant before marriage is not easy, especially in Malaysia. But it was all worth it when I got to hold my baby for the first time.

Most people assume cats do not care about us as compared to dogs. But they actually do!

The “bonds” created in a corporate team-build exercise are made over having a good time. They do not survive the day-to-day pressure of office life where the focus is on delivering results.

Mass layoffs, furloughs, and pay cuts have hit the aviation world. Strapped for cash, here’s what these Malaysian pilots are doing to stay afloat.

Living in the suburbs of Johor Bahru my whole life seeded in me a deep curiosity about the world.

Public perception is that charities are just giving the poor a free meal. But the people that attend SESO's meetups come from all walks of life.

People keep saying that brown immigrants are taking the jobs away from locals when they’re actually doing the jobs locals don’t want to do.

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