“Sorry, I didn’t think you would like me. You might think I’m too old for you,” he said.

"No d**k p*x!" Online dating is becoming a popular way for people to connect. We asked Malaysian women what men did that didn't work, and what did.

As I came from Negeri Sembilan, the parents claimed that I would take all of The Hubba’s wealth should things not work between us.

I was three swipes away from deleting Tinder when I met Hilmi, a friendly thirty-something accountant. He may be perfect and I was interested, but we made many dating mistakes that turned our relationship from bad to worse.

I'm a man currently dating a flight attendant and here's my story.

It always starts off as an excellent idea.

I made a lot of mistakes while preparing for SPM - mistakes I hope you won’t make.

When I became a bridesmaid for the first time, no one told me that I would spend a lot of money. When I say a lot, I mean by the thousands.

It doesn’t sound as bad as some of the other horror dating stories on here but it was enough to rank it as one of my worst ones.

I first met Kim Te when she was a small and petite 9-year-old student at a Chin community school in Sentul, which was set up and run by the Chin community themselves.

No one likes feeling like our freedom is being encroached.

By the time I suspected something was wrong, I was 19. The damage had been done. I was a mess at that point. My body was covered in scars, and I had lost interest in all the things I used to love.

The biggest financial mistake I made during my twenties was spending too much on travelling.

The Hubba travels abroad about 3 weeks each month, leaving me to cope as a new mother on my own.

Frankly speaking up until today I don't even know what status we had at that particular stage of so-called love relationship.

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