Malaysian Men – What Are Some of the Things Which Women Do on First Dates Which Instantly Turn You Off?

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Asking a woman out for a date can be an intimidating. You hope to impress her on the first date, but will she impress you too?

Let’s hear from the men’s side for a change. Find out what are the deal breakers when on first dates for Malaysian men!

1. Asking for my social media account

Raj has three social media accounts, but he’s active mainly on Facebook and Instagram. He’s pretty selective with friend requests and usually don’t approve acquaintances. In one of his dates, the girl was straightforward and asked for his Instagram account.

Raj had this to say.

“I’m not trying to be secretive or anything but I really appreciate my privacy. Besides, it’s better we get to know each other naturally first. In the end, I reluctantly shared my account but didn’t approve  her request.


2. Using the telephone during the date

Stan, an accountant, thinks first dates tell a lot about a person’s character, especially from their manners and the way they carry themselves.

He remembers vividly his blind date, who seemed talkative over the phone. However she was totally different when talking to him on their first (and last) date.

During the date, he was trying hard to initiate conversation with her, as well as trying to get the conversation flowing. However, she was more occupied with her phone, and didn’t seem bothered by the fact that she was ignoring him.

It reached a point where Stan got fed up and decided to end the date prematurely. However, Stan regrets one thing – not letting his date know that he didn’t like her attitude. Still, he gave her a piece of his mind over the phone once the date was over.

3. Gossiping or bad-mouthing people

Kent Tan, a wealth planner, has experience in meeting people, especially in his line of work. Because of this, he’s observant, and can tell when someone has bad character. He especially doesn’t like it when his date gossips.

One of the first dates Kent had involved a lady who seemed to tick many boxes on Kent’s checklist. In fact, Kent was enjoying the conversation, to the point where they started chatting about work.

During that particular conversation, she ended up gossiping about her colleagues. She was saying a lot of negative things about them which made Kent uncomfortable.

After the first date Kent did consider taking her out for a second date. However after some thought, he decided to not pursue her any further, because gossiping is a big no-no for Kent. For him, if she can badmouth her colleagues on the first date, then she will most likely gossip about anyone, including himself.


4. Wearing revealing clothes and too much makeup

Dan, a heritage planning executive, believes that people should make an effort on their first date. However, too much effort is a big turn-off for him.

For example, if the girl wears clothes that are too revealing, it would make him feel uncomfortable. When asked if he’s being judgemental or too sensitive, he says being sexy and presentable is fine, but being too sexy catches the wrong kind of attention.

Meanwhile, Ang thinks wearing too much makeup is an eyesore. To him, light makeup is the best, but he would rather the date not wear any makeup than put too much makeup on. A lot of makeup shows insecurity. Also, it just doesn’t look natural to him, which is his preference.

5. Calling me darling or baby

Aiden needs time to get close and personal with his date, something he discovered from his last date.

It was his first date with her, but she already started calling him ‘baby’, which really turned him off. After all, they hardly knew each other. To Aiden, if she can call him ‘baby’ so soon, it tells him that she can easily be intimate with others too.

How about you guys?

So Malaysian men, do you agree with what was shared? What are other things you don’t like women to do on the first date? Share with us and let us know!

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