Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo at Least Once

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Travelling is always the perfect gateway to relax and recharge your energy from your studies, working life and the best time creating memories for yourself. However, not many of us will think about travelling solo as we feared something might happened and we won’t have anyone.

I used to have the same thought about travelling alone till I did my first travelling solo back in 2017 to Rome, and I have been doing that ever since. Here are some reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life time.

1. You become a problem solver

When there is no one with you, you are the only one that can solve your own problems. To be honest, you might be surprise there is nice people out there to help you around when you are lost or you are stuck somewhere. You learn to open up to different strangers and ask for help, although this might sound scary, but life is always an adventure.

Still remember one time when my phone battery was dead, I do not have  a map with me and I was stuck in Donauturm in Vienna, also it was getting dark. Desperate time, desperate measures, I manage to speak to a stranger who so happen to be a chef working there who is on the way going to the metro stations and I found my way back to the metro with the help of him.

By travelling alone, you learn how to think and act fast when you are in trouble, and this could practically enhance your problem solving skills in work. Don’t believe it? Try it and you will know.

Donauturn Tower

2. You become more focus in life

No doubt, travelling with friends is fun especially photo taking sessions. But when you travel alone, you do not really interact with anyone except the surrounding. You will be focus on what destinations you want to go, and creating your own pace of rhythm during travel.

As for me, I tend to sleep early during travel, and waking up early in the morning when there is less people to enjoy the quiet sights of all those touristic places that I have been. I love the calmness of all the places and tend to marvel the beauty of all those wonderful places I have been.

Morning view in Budapest

3. You become very creative

As a girl, I do love to take pictures of myself too, and come to think of it sometimes getting another person to take pictures might not get shots or angels that you want. It is frustrating. There are times, where you just need to scout on other tourist to help you to take photos, I do learned that if it is asian travellers, they do know how to get good shots of you, but sometimes you are not in luck with asian travellers some point.

I learned how to have my own camera, tripod and self timer to create memories, and at first I feel like an idiot for setting up my camera and tripod, but to be honest no one cares as they know that you are a solo traveller. We solo travellers learn how to be independent in everything which is a life skill that you learned during travelling alone.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Mirabell Palace, Salzburg

4. You will meet more locals

One of the best thing travelling alone is I get to meet locals wherever I go, and they are the best help during my travelling. I get the chance to understand their culture, lifestyle and food. It can sound pretty scary if it is your first time, but as a solo traveller you just got to be alert and trust your instinct. If you do feel uncomfortable, I would suggest you to leave immediately.

Needless to say, sometimes I get to see sights which are far more better than the touristic areas and it is always the best views. I still remember in Budapest, I get to go into Cave Church, in Gallert hill during closing time. The reason was my host know the people there, and I get to capture some pictures of the wonderful church inside a cave, where if I came alone I would not get to take any pictures of the sight.

Couch surfing in Vienna
A local host in Salzburg
A local couple i met in Budapest

So here’s to more solo travellers and start your own adventures. Hope you all are inspired!

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I'm a singer songwriter from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Currently teaching music in the land of Tunisia and does a bit of travelling during holidays.
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