Malaysians Tell Us the Stupidest Things They’ve Done in High School

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We all remember our high school days. For a lot of people, high school was where they made the most memorable memories. From happy memories, to sad memories, and even some dumb ones.

Everyone knows the dumb ones are the most memorable. So IRL decided to interview four different people about the stupidest things they did during high school.

Mike – The falling pants incident

I remember it was 2006. I was in Form 2 that year.

My friends and I were trouble makers. We were in the worst-performing class and we were rebellious, so basically all we did was try to think of ways to have fun and neglect our studies.

We loved to “gangbang” our friends. Not the sexual kind, but the playing-pranks-on-a-person-as-a-group kind. Come to think of it, it was almost bullying.

We’ve done a lot of unbelievable things together, but this one I’ll never forget.

One day, we decided to play a prank on one of our classmates. He was a small and thin boy, quite an introvert so we thought that it would be funny to ‘kacau’ him for a bit.

We all ganged up on him holding his arms and legs, and when he was helpless and couldn’t defend himself, one of my friends pulled his pants down and threw it down from the second floor.

We all thought it was funny until the pants landed right in front of a teacher.

The teacher then went upstairs to ask and asked whose pants those were and the victim said they’re his, which was obvious since he was the only one without pants. No one admitted to throwing the pants down when the teacher asked, so we were all punished.

The teacher asked the poor boy to go and collect his pants downstairs since no one wanted to help him. So, he just went down and picked up his pants – in his underwear.

Looking back, I felt quite guilty about this. What I thought was a pretty harmless prank could potentially be really scarring for the victim. I’m sure he was humiliated.

We lost contact after high school, but I hope he is doing well now.

Jordan – Erotic story about a teacher

This was not done by me, but one of my classmates.

He was a well-known trouble maker. Before this happened, he was once caught writing bad stuff about a teacher on the toilet stall and was punished quite severely.

After that incident, I would say he ‘stepped up’ his game and decided to do something even crazier.

I remembered we had to use another classroom for our lesson that year because our teacher got sick and couldn’t climb the stairs, so we changed to a classroom on the ground floor for her convenience.

Since it was not our usual classroom, we just sat randomly. I sat at the back because only the smart students sit at the front of the classroom. I got this table and I saw a long passage scribbled on it. I was curious and decided to read what was it about.

And it turned out to be an erotic story about one of our teachers.

I couldn’t remember how this got the attention of the disciplinary teacher, but all I know was that the trouble maker admitted to writing this and was suspended.

Amazing what a hormonal teenager could do.

Melissa – Firecrackers in the classroom

It was during Form 5 and I remembered it was during Hari Raya

One of my classmates brought firecrackers to school and decided to light them up and throw them down just for fun (We’re on the 4th floor). He and his gang decided to do it in between classes so they had about 5 minutes to pull this off.

However, they miscalculated the timing and the teacher showed up before they could throw it downstairs. The firecracker was already lit and they couldn’t go outside the classroom to throw it down, so without a choice they just threw it at the back of the classroom.

The sound was deafening. Everyone was shocked except for them because they already saw it coming.

The teacher was furious and asked who did it, and since the sound came from behind them, they were the natural suspects.

The guy told the teacher very nonchalantly that perhaps it was from outside. There was another school opposite us and maybe it was them that did it.  

And amazingly, the teacher believed him and continued to teach. After so many years we still brought this up occasionally and laughed about this.

Khairie – A whole nude world

In high school, my friend Hassan was just obsessed with lewd jokes. He was an artist, and he used his talents to draw parodies of dicks (like the ones you see in Superbad).

I remember one drawing he was particularly proud of was his drawing of the iconic scene of Free Willy jumping over the divide – except of course, ‘Willy’ was a penis instead of a killer whale.

So when he stumbled upon a lewd parody of the Aladdin song (A Whole Nude World), he thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

I’m actually surprised by how good the singers are. (caution NSFW)

Was it enough to enjoy the song for what it was, and then move on with life? Of course not. Naturally, he wanted to share that with all his friends.

So he printed out a copy of that song, and then the next morning, in school, he decided to go to the Teacher’s Room to photocopy the song and distribute it to all his friends.

“What’s the problem?” he thought. “Just photocopy it, and then leave without showing the teachers lah. Everyone does it what.”

And that’s exactly what he did. The teachers thought he was just making copies of some important document. He made 30 copies and then left, almost escaping like a smooth criminal.

Except, he forgot to take the original.

Naturally, when the teachers used the photocopy machine, they found it. A schoolwide search followed, and they hunted every copy of the song.

In the end, the punished him, and all 30 of his unlucky song-recipients.

We did some pretty stupid things as kids!

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