5 Things You Didn’t Expect You Would Miss in Malaysia

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For some Malaysians, there comes a time when they have to leave their homeland. Whether it’s moving to another country to further their studies, working abroad, or following one’s spouse, it’s always difficult to say goodbye.

How can it be easy to say goodbye to our beloved nasi lemak, hanging out at the 24-hour ‘kedai mamak’, or celebrating our many festivities right?

However, there are more things to miss than just food. You might take it for granted, but these Malaysians discovered the hard way how seemingly simple things are luxuries elsewhere. These are stories about the things Malaysians surprisingly missed while they were away!

Comfortable Houses and Long Conversations During Meals

Alex, a due diligence analyst, moved to Hong Kong for better pay and higher position. Ironically, while he makes more money now, he lives in a much smaller accommodation. Currently, he stays in a flat, a far cry from the two-storey terrace house he used to live in back in Penang.

That’s not all. While some us take our lunch hour for granted, in Hong Kong, you can’t eat slowly. Once you’re done, you must leave the table immediately to give way for other diners. It took Alex some time to adapt and eat faster. But what he misses most is how he’s not able to relax and chat casually with his colleagues like he used to in Penang.

Watching and Playing ‘Malaysian’ Sports

Football and badminton are sports which you’ll always have enough ‘kaki’ to play with. At the very least, you’ll find a group to watch these sports together with on television. Even less popular sports such as hockey, cricket, and tennis still have a sizeable following in Malaysia.

Things are different for Siraj, who moved to the United States. Everywhere he goes, it’s either basketball, NFL football, baseball or ice hockey. Being a big sports fan, it still took him some time to accept American sports.

So now when he comes home every year, he’ll always slot in time to play badminton with his old friends. Why wouldn’t he? It’s next to impossible to get that in America!

Stopping Malaysian Traffic by Using Just a Hand

Devaraj can’t stand Malaysian road users. They lack manners, and never observe traffic rules. Some of these road users even ignore your indicators and honks.

However, he noticed that if he raises his hand while walking to cross the road, or he does it to signal his intention to move his vehicle into another lane, other road users will give him the right of way.

He has never experienced such occurrence in the other countries he’s been to, so he’s very thankful for having this luxury in Malaysia.

Dating and Socializing with Malaysians

Lionel moved to United Kingdom (UK) to further his studies. He was using Tinder while he was back in Malaysia, and he continued using it after arriving to the UK. However, he was surprised to see fewer matches compared to his Tinder days in Malaysia.

What’s worse is that he realises now that his matches in Malaysia were more responsive and friendly compared to his matches in the UK. This experience made him appreciate Malaysian women more, which he looks forward to dating again once he finishes his studies in the UK.

Great Malaysian Healthcare

Darrell, an engineer, used to look down on government hospitals in Malaysia. Whether it’s the long wait, insufficient parking space, or short consultation time with the doctor, Darrell just couldn’t appreciate government hospitals.

That all changed after moving to Australia. As it turns out, there are many things about the Australian medical system which left him frustrated. For example, if he has an illness, it may take weeks before he’s able to see a doctor.

What’s worse is that the doctor and pharmacist are separate entities. And to top it all off, the fees can be astronomical. He’s certainly not enjoying the subsidized fees of the Malaysian healthcare system.

What are some of the peculiar, weird, or unexpected things you didn’t think you’d miss once you left Malaysia? Share with us, we want to know!

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