6 Ways INFJs Can Improve Themselves

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As personalities that make up less than one percent of the world population, it’s often common for the handful of INFJs to feel left out and misunderstood. If you’re an INFJ or you happen to have a friend who is an INFJ, you will know what this means.

Being an INFJ, you will find that your worst enemy is yourself, and your constant self-criticising mind. Even if you had a life everyone else could only dream of, you would still find ways to poke fun at yourself or be miserable.

Now this can be turned into an advantage, and here we are sharing the best ways INFJs can use to improve themselves.

Accept yourself and others when mistakes are made

No ONE is perfect. NOTHING is perfect. INFJs have to grasp this and understand this lesson as early as possible. Just because things are not done perfectly does not mean it isn’t good. You have to learn to let go, breathe, and allow yourself and others a little room for improvement.

Don’t beat yourselves up over a small mistake, or a tiny flaw. Focus and strive through. You need to make mistakes to grow, and likewise, accept others’ mistakes. Don’t be too critical at times. It’s not good for anyone at all.

Learn to love social interactions, or better yet, people

We know you hate social gatherings and things that involve large crowds every other night. But honestly, your ability to empathise and listen well makes you valuable in social interactions. And you want to help the world right?

So start by helping yourself. Don’t dread meetings, gatherings and parties. Embrace them. If you have to feel a sense of purpose being there, tell yourself you are going to meet at least 5 new people at the party this weekend. That way, you won’t feel like running away.

Who knows, you might end up loving every minute of it and pick up new friends along the way.

Open up

INFJs may seem closed off at first but we know you are one of those people who can warm us to death when you open up. So why not? Learn to trust people and open up the cage you kept yourself in.

I mean, really? How can you not open up, and not make an effort to mix and mingle but then blame others for not sticking around long enough to know you? Not cool, INFJs.

In order for people to know you, you need to communicate your true feelings and emotions even if it makes you feel vulnerable. So, learn to relax a little and try to open up to people. That way, you can expand your social circle and realise that not everyone is clueless about deep relationships after all.

Understand there are many ways to solve problems

2+2=4 but so does 3+1 and 0+4.

We know you mean to help and have great insights to things. You also have that attention to detail which leads right to the solution.

But understand that not everyone needs your help. They might want to find their own way, or use their own methods. By allowing them room to exercise their own methods, you are helping them.

Don’t be too quick to hose down someone else’s idea. There may be goodness in it that you just can’t see yet. Learn to accept that there are many people in the world and not everyone is the same, so naturally there are different ways to do things. Learn from difference.

Live in the present and enjoy the moment

You may constantly be dwelling over the issue of ‘purpose’ and what you’re supposed to do in future. While this is healthy to some extent, overdoing it will only cause anxiety. Give yourself permission to slack off, to live, to enjoy, and experience life in the present.

Thinking too much will not help anyway. Dwelling over certain issues will not solve them. Acknowledge that the longer journeys are also ways for you to discover what you ultimately want.

While you’re at it, live in the present. Don’t beat yourself up for what will come in future. You will get there somehow and find your purpose. Just enjoy the present moment.

Be a fun and healthy INFJ

It’s your life, so learn to have fun. Learn that life is a journey and that you are constantly growing, just like everyone else. Don’t be an unhealthy INFJ who goes down the stunted path. Realising you’re an INFJ does not mean you are better than everyone else. It doesn’t make you more insightful than the world. It just means you are more capable of seeing things on a deeper level compared to the average person.

So be aware of your traits and personality. Don’t fall into the few INFJs who are full of themselves for having the rarest personality type. Know that you have just as many flaws as everyone else. Learn from your mistakes and from others.

You will do just fine.

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