Confessions Of An Aquarius Girl: My Dating Experience with Each Zodiac Sign

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An Aquarius girl like me has the reputation of being a free spirit, humanitarian yet stubborn, emotionally detached, and rebellious.

Aquarians are known to be compatible with Libras, Sagittarians, and Geminis. Our worst matches are often with Tauruses, Scorpios, and Virgos.

But how true is it? Can I really trust these horoscopes predictions?

Here I share my own stories from my real-life date experiences with guys from different horoscopes.

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I had an encounter with…


It is well-known that a Gemini and an Aquarian have the potential to be a good match.

I had a short but sweet encounter with a Gemini at a bar. We kept the conversation non-stop for the whole night and I found myself entertained with our shared wit and humor.

As the night ended, we exchanged numbers, and he texted me a few days later to ask me out. Sadly, the timing was not right, and I had to decline.

We haven’t seen each other since.

I admit, he definitely caught my attention and made me want to know more about him. But in the end, I preferred to stay passive. So did he, I guess.

Both Gemini and Aquarius are typically signs that are too “cool” to make an effort, so it isn’t likely for either of us to initiate contact again.


Libras are the people I most enjoy spending time with. They are sociable, spontaneous and funny. I love every moment with a Libra.

However, dating a Libra made me feel insecure sometimes. They have a tendency to be indecisive, mysterious, and their habit of changing their minds like the wind.

I had a brief flirtationship with a Libra guy a few years back. Unfortunately, we slowly went our separate ways because of my silly mistake and the way he distanced himself after.

He always acted like he didn’t care, but I was too dumb to realize he actually takes things to heart.

In my memory, he will always be the one who got away.


Virgos and Aquarians are not a good match, I would say. An ex-boyfriend of mine was a Virgo, and so is my mom.

At the time, I got together with him because I had the intention of settling down, and he was the reliable and stable type.

But soon, I realised it was a mistake. We were not that compatible after all —  no shared interests, no sexual chemistry, and wildly different views on life.

The organized Virgo can be a fussy and critical creature that can annoy the relatively disorganized and random Aquarius.

He was the ideal “good guy”; the whole package with the perfectly organised life. But we were unable to appreciate each other’s view of the world.

After we broke up, things got sour for a moment; but we are all good now.


Sagittarians are the life of a party, carefree and fun, just like an Aquarius. But they tend to get bored easily, can be serial flirts and be narcissistic to a fault.

They say Sag and Aqua is a match made in heaven, and I agree somewhat. But I’ve always been attracted to men with this sign, yet I just don’t have the luck to keep them.

We all had that “high-school crush” the one where you drive yourself insane.

Mine just so happened to be a Sagittarius. He got me hooked, gave me mixed signals, and he left.

As an Aquarius, our rebellious nature makes us want something that we can’t get, and the Saggitarius is that forbidden fruit.

If a song could describe them, I would say Hot n’ Cold by Katy Perry. I guess he just wasn’t that into me after all.

So I learned my lesson with them: Do not get carried away with their charm and sweet-talk.


Ha, an Aquarius v.s. an Aquarius!

We started out as a casual fling, but then things got more complicated than it really had to be.

The affair sparked with excitement and mental stimulation, but unfortunately, we never worked out as a couple.

As two egoistic creatures who somehow got attached, we were both too busy embracing our freedoms and being aloof to the extent that we neglected the responsibilities of being a couple.

We were both too similar, in a bad way. We played mind games with each other. It was exciting, yet exhausting.

I started to want more from the relationship. But I also knew he just wouldn’t commit due to the Aquarius’ nature of being hard to be tied down.

So I just ghosted him without any closure and he never chased me back.


I had gone out with the Aquarian and the Piscean at around the same time, and they were like night and day.

My Pisces guy was extremely passionate and needy.

When a Piscean is in love, he will make a very obvious effort and constantly shower you with affection.

As an Aquarius, I am a natural skeptic. How can a person become so affectionate and transparent with his feelings so fast?

He seemed like he couldn’t wait to tie me down. Like in a fairy-tale, he fantasized about a future together that seemed totally unrealistic to me.

I don’t blame him though. Pisceans are naturally sweethearts and really are husband material.

But I blame my Aquarius traits for my reservation. Instead of warming to his affection, I found him too overwhelming, and I was unable to reciprocate his gestures and love.

I was more attracted to the Aquarian, and I shouldn’t have hurt the Piscean in the process.


The longest and the most amazing relationships I had were with Leos:

An ex-boyfriend of 4 years and my current boyfriend, now going strong for 2 years.

In both relationships, we were instantly attracted to each other the first time we met and we had clicked from the moment we met.

Leo and Aquarius are “sister signs” as they oppose each other in the Zodiac wheel. This means that opposites attract, repel or are complementary.

With my current boyfriend, I am fascinated with his charm, gentleness, intelligence. And boy do they know how to flirt fiercely — like a lion!

The problem arises when the bossy Leo requires a lot of attention and affection, and they can be extremely dominating.

As an Aquarius, I am very detached and need my own personal space.

My Leo can become very mean in arguments and I would despise it. But eventually, we would keep finding our way back to each other, because we can’t ignore each other for long.

Horoscopes I haven’t been on a date with…


Taurus is traditionally one of the least compatible signs with Aquarius.

Another unrelated reason I never dated one is that I understand Tauruses too much — my brother and my guy best friend are both Tauruses.

Tauruses are the most stubborn signs I’ve ever met. On the other side of the coin, they are the most loyal souls on earth.

My brother has fancied a girl since he was 13, and the same goes to my best friend. He broke up with his ex-girlfriend 3 years ago, and he still hasn’t moved on.


My ex-manager is an Aries, and we had a lot of disagreements stemming from the way we work, as we are both very strong-minded yet have very different working styles.

He’s a pushy, bossy, systematic kind of guy, and I am more of a laidback procrastinator.

As such, this has turned me off dating people who are under the sign of Aries. Even though there might be good Aries out there.

Scorpio, Cancer & Capricorn

As for the remaining three signs, I rarely had the opportunity to bump into a Cancer or Capricorn, so I don’t have much experience interacting with them beyond an acquaintance level.

My dad is a Scorpio and they are often captivating, but I personally won’t see them as a potential match; my personal opinion is that the bad ones can become toxic.

It may be due to our natural traits that are in very different Aspects, but we may not find each other interesting in the first place.

In Conclusion

To conclude, I wrote this story to show my personal experience. This is all based purely on my perspective. I absolutely meant no harm and judgment to anyone.

What are your dating experiences with the Horoscopes you were paired with? Let us know in the comments!

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