A Date Or A Trap? My Dating App Experience Gone Wrong

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By Y.S.W.

My recent break up has been the most distressing experience of my life in the past few years. I felt lost, alone, and broken.

Days after being trapped by unpleasant feelings, I decided to download dating apps to keep myself busy.

I tried hard to make my profile stand out, by offering details about my interests and passions, by putting as many photos as possible, and by explicitly indicating that I am looking for new friends only.

[Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl]

My first match became my first date

The next day, I had my first match—a young woman who was on her business trip and would leave the country the next day.

After about 30 messages, she suggested a date. As her photos looked great and I felt that we would have enough topics to talk about, I said yes.

An hour before the date, I went to the shopping center as I wanted to buy her something as a farewell gift.

I was really looking forward to the date and was sincerely trying to make a new friend.

Eventually, although I did buy an adorable bear, I did not give it out; it still stays with me, functions as a reminder.

I reached her office just in time. When I first saw her, she looked completely different from her photos. I almost would not have recognized her if she did not call and wave to me.

I felt shocked but still walked towards her. After a brief chat, I suggested that we should eat local food for dinner because tomorrow would be her last day in Malaysia.

However, she said she wanted to go to a restaurant nearby for one last time. I agreed.

A dodgy restaurant

We arrived at the restaurant, which is located on the second floor, painted black, and without any signboard, after a short walk.

Although we were the only customers at that time, the waiter gave us only one menu. She took a look at it and ordered something quickly.

While I intended to take a look at the menu, the waiter took it away immediately.

I felt insulted. However, instead of questioning the waiter’s behavior, I thought she had ordered something for both of us.

In no time, our food had arrived; it was a plate of cookies, biscuits, and candies. My thought at that moment was, “Oh, is that all? I am quite hungry”.

Shortly after the arrival of our drinks, the waiter gave me the bill. I was shocked by the amount—it was nearly RM700!

As a PhD student who receives a monthly stipend of RM2000, this was the most expensive meal that I ever had.

I questioned the waiter how it was possible that a plate of biscuits and drinks worth that amount of money. He answered that the amount was right, as we ordered a bottle of RED WINE.

I turned to her and asked her to settle the bill first as I only had RM100 with me. At first, she had no intention of paying the bill and asked me to use my card.

I told her that I do not have any card as I am still a student. Unwillingly, she handed the waiter her card and took my money.

Shortly after the waiter walked away, I felt cheated and was extremely uncomfortable with the current situation.

I told her that I got to go because I felt offended that she ordered the wine without asking for my opinion in the first place (I do not drink at all).

When I walked past the door, I vividly heard the waiter say that her card was invalid…

I deleted all my apps

By the time I reached home, I deleted all of the dating apps. I also blocked her number as I was afraid that she would call me.

When I told my friends about what had happened to me just now, they said that I was very fortunate as she did not work with the waiter to force me to buy the whole bill.

One of my friends said that there was a similar case that happened recently and a guy was being forced to pay a bill worth RM2000!

I cannot imagine what will happen if I stay and finish the meal. However, I felt extremely thankful that she did not set a trap for me.

Thanks to this incident, I have woken up strong and am ready to move forward. I named the bear “Reminder” in order to remind me that online dating just does not work for a guy like me.

teddy bear
The writer’s bear.

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