Feeling The Burnout? No Worries… Time To Live Like No One Is Looking.

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So you find yourself stranded amidst tedious home activity repetition, then start to get lazy and have apathy take over. “No! I cannot let it get the better of me,” you say.

300 jumping jacks, done! By now a proper sweat has been built up, and you are beginning to think of food. After all, you have worked up an appetite and something decadent would really entice your palate.

So, you begin to think of foodpanda and/or GrabFood for your post-exercise supplement. But, again you say no… to food, that is! No greasy plate of burger and french fry that is afforded by your subscription to foodpanda.

Here are four ways to stem the tide of the exhaustive home activity subscriptions:

Close up of woman writing in journal, diary

[Make your soul impertinent, like a fine wine, you are greater than a timeless tale waiting to be told. Image Source Courtesy of istockphtoto.com]

1) Start by keeping a journal

It is said that writing is a by-product of living. This equates to art imitating life.

But it need not be that way. Who is to say that life cannot imitate art?

Colour begins to fill your world when you allow your imagination to run wild. It is here that the dreamscape begins to fulfill your deepest inhibitions and touches your heart’s desire.

Let your imagination run wild.

2) Broke? Try online window shopping

[Guilty of fashion faux pas? No problem, take the fight to the online shops awaiting your next trendy purchase. Image courtesy of istockphoto.com]

We all are starting to feel the pinch, especially with the pandemic in full swing. People are having to work from home and some have even lost their jobs. It’s okay… just begin your day with a little light online window shopping.

Now, you may not have much to spend, but making a few bookmarks can’t be all that bad. Yes, a wish list is exactly what you need here — this is the new Millennium in full swing. Time to get with the times!

[Shop for the latest electronics online or save them for a later date. Image Courtesy of istockphotos.com]

3) Live like no one is looking, because no one is looking.

Time to scour the house for little-known used items. You can probably start cleaning and tidying up your living space while you do this, but that is another story. So, for now, make your own fun and get creative.

Case in point? Dig out your trusty old clippers and experiment with a new haircut.

I hear the German military haircut sheared on the one side and flopped over to the left or to the right (depending on your preference) is a popular look these days.

[ Malaysian Contemporary fashion loves the uniformed look. What better way to do this than to get matching German Military haircuts? Image courtesy of itocksphoto.com]

Once the deed is done, take to Instagram to share your latest exploit.

4) Exercise some physical restraint and do less.

Too much repetition will do this to you, rheumatism, that is. Ones born outside of the Millennial age demographic may want to take in a little rest & relaxation. Taking a long and well-deserved bubble bath is highly recommended in this scenario.

I for one live in a 2 bedroom apartment with no such facility — no bathtub — but I can still improvise.

The compromise here is to simply play your favorite music while a piping hot shower is running from the shower head.

Your knees may feel a little more strain but the rest of your body should loosen, with the effects of the hot shower taking shape, it should prove to be as stress-relieving as a hot salted bath.

[Alternative results for an alternative lifestyle. Bath salts for those who can and a hot shower for those who can’t. Image courtesy of itockphoto.com]

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