Secret Life Of A Pole Dancer

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By day, I was a white collared professional, dealing with corporate clients and dressed to the nines. By night, all that is stripped off, and all I needed was my bikini, my neon 8 inch heels, and the pole.

Being a pole dancer has never felt so fulfilling before. When I’m on the pole as I twist and turn and land gracefully with a split, I was a far cry from the silent girl in the office who hid behind the computer screens at work.

I felt confident, and I felt sexy. I was living the double life.

The Discovery

It all started with a hen party. A close friend was getting married and as part of the entourage, we went for a pole dancing class right in the heart of KL, and costumes were provided.

Tucked within a row of shop lots, the studio wasn’t easy to spot at all; no signboards, no indication of the place. However, what we did know was to look out for a particular hair salon which was right around that area.

The salon looked innocent enough. Just a climb up the stairs, and there it was.

However, the neighbouring door drew lots of curiosity. Behind its brass gates was a flight of stairs, covered in a plush red carpet and illuminated by the soft lights above. The walls were draped with velvet, and the air beyond those gates brought a sense of sensuality and intrigue.

This was the place.

Not more than 10 minutes later, the girls and myself were dressed in bikinis and I was self-conscious as hell.

As the surrounding mirrors glared at me within the studios, all I could hear was the sound of their sniggering voices, “Look at her tummy.”, “Look at her thighs.” “Look how silly she looks.” I almost wanted to shrink and disappear if it wasn’t just me and my friends in the class.

The Gorgeous Performer

And then, in walks our instructor.

She told us to call her ‘Cherry’ and I was in awe of her; tall, slim, graceful, with looks that could stop traffic, and not to mention… muscular.

She was one of the most gorgeous women I have ever met in my life.

“Ladies,” she said. “Before we start, I want you all to understand this; you’re beautiful and sexy and in order to truly master this class, you gotta believe in that first.”

And the rest was history. I had the time of my life during that first class and ever since then, I signed up and become one of the most active members of the studio.

Throughout my time here, I realize that pole dancing was all about confidence and strength. We had to carry ourselves well and look graceful and confident at the same time.

Weeks turned into months, and months into years, and soon, the whispering mirrors turned to cheers as I spun across the pole, flipping upside down and landing gracefully on heels that could strike a heart.

“Look at her abs!.” “Look at her thighs!”, “Look how amazing she is!” I stood tall and strike a pose as I take an Instagram shot of the day.


It was another day at work. As I walked into the office and sat down at my desk, I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Hey, is that you??”

And there I was, dressed in a black bikini and 8 inch heels. I smiled confidently as I drape my long legs round the pole and held on to the pole as I hung my head back. My hair was out, I wore a bold, red lipstick with a piercing look in my eyes even I didn’t know I had.

A stark difference compared to the girl who wore a pair of flats, shirt and slacks, no makeup and a large pair of glasses.

Life is a lot easier when you keep your personal life separately from work. But that’s another story for another time.

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