What I’ve Learned Working Abroad

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Sometimes we wonder about how life would be if we work abroad. I will tell you my honest opinion, Malaysia is a very beautiful country and deep in my heart I love Malaysia to bits. However, working abroad gives me the opportunity to see the world, and widen my horizons, I have even found what I want in life.

Working abroad has thought me to be strong and independent as a woman. It has thought me the way of life, and here is what I have learned working abroad in the country call Tunisia.

1. Stop and Enjoy

Djerba Port


Sidi Bou Said

I’ve learned to stop and enjoy my life. There are things to see and be inspired other than your job. Little things like looking beyond the horizon and the sea will make you happy on a normal weekend. Do not just be a couch potato at home, go out and explore your surroundings. That is what most Tunisians do on a weekend or even evening time. They’ll just sit at the beach side chatting with one another.

2. Connect

Connecting with locals and other expatriates is rather important besides your colleagues in work. With them they made my life happier on weekends, and some other days we can go hiking, shopping, or having food tasting from different countries. Without my friends here, life will be meaningless and you will end up being more home sick.  Most importantly, they are my translator everywhere I go, because I could not communicate in French neither Arabic. Important tip to survive overseas.

3. Travel and Explore 

Carthage Ruins

Do not hesitate to travel and explore the country. I ended up loving nature and wonders in this country, from the saharas to the mountains and the historical buildings in Tunisia. Never stop exploring. It is the memories that you create that will be in your life forever so you could have a story of your life with beautiful and exciting adventures.

Cap Bon Farina, Bizerte in Tunisia
Star Wars Site, Ong Jemel in South of Tunisia

4. It is ok to be ALONE

It is ok to travel alone, as no one cares. In fact travelling alone lets your meet different people that you’ll end up connecting. Solo travelling makes you ponder and enjoy the journey at your own pace. Does not matter if people ask you why, as long as you are clear what do you actually want. I wanted to see the world, and create my own little story of my adventures. I am enjoying the walk in my journey as I want.

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I'm a singer songwriter from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Currently teaching music in the land of Tunisia and does a bit of travelling during holidays.
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