My friend was Diagnosed with Stage Two Cancer — How it Changed My View on Life

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Sometimes I wonder what the meaning of life is.

People around me have described it as a journey from A to Z. Others see it as a process of growth in stages from a child to an elderly person before waving goodbye to this world.

Some may have a better life in this reality while others are still struggling to cope with the ups and downs of this journey.

For me, I see life as a series of challenging aspects, full of obstacles ahead of us. But I believe we are here to experience the process of becoming better humans, right?

After all, we are born to lend a helping hand to each other and assist those in dire need of help.

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Why am I penning my Life’s journey?

I am an ordinary person and come from an average and single-parent family. I don’t have any siblings, and was taught to be independent since I was small.

Back when I was still a kid, I had already understood the meaning of life, although the people around me hadn’t yet arrived at this stage.

The reason is simple: I faced hardships as a kid that set me apart from the others.

I don’t mean to boast  —  but I had a driven personality, coupled with the understanding that I had to strive to earn a living.

I didn’t have many friends due to my family background; I grew up in a sophisticated environment and lacked family attachments.

And yet, money was a concern for me back then.

To support myself, I would go all-out, juggling part-time tasks after school.

I began working as a waiter from Form 1 until Form 4. After school hours and after quickly completing my homework, I would rush back home for my work.

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As such, I rarely had the chance to join any extracurricular activities.

The only time I was able to enjoy my passion for running and football was during my day off.

That’s why I empathise with the plight of the poor until now.

Appreciate the people around us

When I started my career platform at the age of 25, my mind was focused solely on accruing wealth and status.

Seven years ago, I would go all-out to work hard for my future. After some time, I took a pause to gather my thoughts.

I realised that I had neglected my family all these years. Since I started work, I have been on duty every single year during Chinese New Year festivities.

It was then I realised, what do I wish to achieve in my life?

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Money, status, family or health?

All of these thoughts were running through my mind when I encountered my friend’s ordeal one day.

Her name is F. She comes from a well-educated and rich background, and yet she is the type of person who cares for her friends and sacrifices a lot for her family.

Just last week, her world came crashing down when she was informed by her doctor that she had Stage Two cancer.

When I heard the news from a mutual friend during a New Year’s gathering, I was stunned.

Why did such a thing happen to F?

How am I going to console her?

Although she is a positive person by nature, I worried that no one in the world would ever be able to accept such heartbreaking news.

[Image via Clinical Advisor]

Money is not everything in this world

Even now, F is still trying to avoid everyone around her.

I understand her feelings and I know the difficulty she needs to go through.

After all, the Journey of Life is wide and broad.

They say that “Money is not everything in this world.”

After I heard about F’s news, I realised this was true.

My new mantra is now: “Always spend time with loved ones.”

That’s how I intend to live the rest of my life.

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