It’s A Tall Order For This Makeup Artist And Aspiring Traveller – Here’s Wong Jin Wen’s Story

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At 1.75m, Jin Wen looked like a model. Unlike most tall women who are scared to wear heels, Jin Wen rocked a pair of them confidently.

Although she looked like a model, she was humble, polite, and professional during the interview.

Tell us about yourself?

“My name is Jin Wen, and I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. I am the eldest in my family. Professionally, I’m a makeup artist.”

Jin Wen and her family (source: Jin Wen)

Jin Wen’s passion is makeup. She developed an interest in it since she was 18.

“I love pretty things and beautiful people. I’m attracted to them.” she said.

“So much so in fact, I enjoy helping others become beautiful too. I get a sense of achievement when I see people transform. That’s how I got into my current job.”

Source: Jin Wen’s Instagram, @af_wenwen1227

Jin Wen is a beauty advocate for Amway’s skin care and cosmetic brand – Artistry, also known as a Passionista. She’s perfect for the role because of her experience and passion for makeup and beauty.

“Other than that, I love to travel. I’ve been to 19 countries so far. I love to explore new things, new places, and meet new people. Making friends is a passion of mine too.”

Source: Jin Wen’s Instagram, @af_wenwen1227

What is your definition of beauty?

“In my opinion, beauty is confidence. I believe a lot of the girls here have said it (other ARTISTRY Passionistas), but I think it’s the notion which allows a woman to show her true self. If you’re self-assured, you won’t be afraid of what other people say or think about you.”

“You won’t care about socially constructed standards of beauty. Instead, you’ll be sure of your own beauty and own it.”

“Beauty is not only your appearance – your personality has to be beautiful as well.”

Source: Jin Wen’s Instagram, @af_wenwen1227

“I believe that if you’re good at heart, you’re beautiful. There are a lot of skin care products and technology these days to alter your appearance. It has come to a point where if you’re not satisfied with how you look, you can always change it.”

There are routines one does to maintain their beauty – do you mind sharing yours with us?

“I think if you want to stay beautiful, your lifestyle is crucial. You need to have at least 8 hours of sleep. That not only improves your skin, but also your overall health as well.”

Source: Jin Wen’s Instagram, @af_wenwen1227

“Other than that, you need to take as much vitamins and nutrients as possible, to make sure you’re fit and healthy.

“For skincare products, personally I would recommend products from Artistry, since it’s what I’m using right now. It has made my skin better than before.”

“For skincare routine, essences and face masks are super important. For some people, the basic wash, tone and moisturiser would be enough, but if you want to maintain an even healthier skin, then you should add more steps to your skincare routine.”

“Don’t be lazy!” she said playfully.

A typical routine before she heads out, Jin Wen would wash her face, put on firming lotion, essence, hyaluronic acid, moisturiser, and last but not least, sunblock for UV protection.

“The weather in Malaysia is just atrocious at times, so it’s very important to apply sunblock daily. I would love to change the weather in Malaysia, but unfortunately I can’t do that,” she chuckled.

Speaking of appearances, which part of you do you like most?

“My eyes, as I can express my thoughts and feelings through them.”

Source: Jin Wen’s Instagram, @af_wenwen1227

“Apart from my appearance, I think the quality that I like most about me is that I’m patient and always seeking to learn new things. I believe that there’s nothing that I can’t learn if I truly am determined.

“You can say that I am always curious and hungry for knowledge.”

Who’s your source of inspiration?

“There are so many beautiful and strong women in life who inspired and encouraged me to always better myself. However, the one woman I always look up to is my beautiful mother.

“She is the one that raised me into the woman that I am today, and I am so grateful for her. She is the most beautiful woman to me.”

Jin Wen and her mother.

What are your future goals?

She said that her goal is to go to 30 countries before she turns 30.

“I love travelling to other countries because it gives me the chance to get to know differing cultures, food and lifestyle. The most memorable country I visited was Iceland. It was as if I went to another world.

“Unlike KL, there are no busy roads and typical city noises. It was surrounded by waterfalls, grassy fields and glaciers. It’s nice to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city once in a while. It really helped me de-stress and connect with myself.

“Now I understand why Iceland is on everyone’s bucket list.

Source: Jin Wen’s Instagram, @af_wenwen1227

“I haven’t decided where to go for this year yet, but who knows maybe I’ll have some last-minute plans,” she said.

 What motivates you?

“Usually when I’m down or in need of some lift-me-ups, I would eat!” she said.

“After a good meal, I would instantly feel better and have the motivation I need to get on with whatever I’m doing at the moment.”

Source: Jin Wen’s Instagram, @af_wenwen1227

Your tips on how to look good in pictures?

“I once read that an Instagram influencer said location is very important. She would always look up the place that she’s going to in advance, to determine if that place is an ‘Insta-worthy’ place.

“Then she would plan her outfit accordingly to match the location or scenery she’s about to take a picture in.

“I practice this myself. Before I go anywhere, I would plan my outfit so that I would look good in person, and also match the scenery in the photos.

Source: Jin Wen’s Instagram, @af_wenwen1227

“The angle is important too. A little trick for shorter girls – ask your photographer to take your picture from below, so that you look taller and have longer legs.

“But you can take your picture from a higher angle also – it makes your face look slimmer. The downside is, you would look shorter too. You have to decide which angle you look better in!”

Source: Jin Wen’s Instagram, @af_wenwen1227

And there you have it – Jin Wen’s tips and tricks for great skin, and beautiful pictures. For more beauty and photography tips, follow Jin Wen’s Instagram at @Af_wenwen1227!

This story is brought to you by The Passionista Beauty Series with Artistry. Stay tuned for more upcoming stories and videos!

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