How a Love Triangle Ruined Our Friendship but Brought Us Closer, Too

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Daniel and Jake had been best friends since kindergarten — they’ve had sleepovers together, gone partying together, went to the same primary and secondary school together. Basically, they have never left each other’s side.

But when they got into their first year in university, all of that changed – because of one girl.

The Beginning of a Feud

On their first day of university, they met their siren. She had fair-brown skin, black wavy hair that went past her shoulders, and wore clothing which showed off her supermodel-like figure. She came out of her dad’s Mercedes and walked past Jake and Daniel, taking off her shades to show her sharp, blue eyes.

Daniel decided to approach her, asking for her name.

“Tynna”, was all she said before noticing Jake, who observed them from afar. Daniel tried to get to know her better, but Tynna had to go off for orientation. Still, right before she left she shot a smile to Daniel and threw a glance at Jake.

During orientation day at the campus hall, Tynna asked Daniel and Jake to let her sit in-between the two of them, as the hall was getting packed. As they sat there listening to the speech, she told them that she fancied both of them, and said, “Impress me.” Daniel merely looked at her, puzzled, but Jake had already begun hatching an idea.

Jake decided to host a party at his house when his parents were away and invited the entire class to it. When everyone had arrived he decided to throw a drinking contest, looking at Tynna.

“This is for you,” muttered Jake. Tynna, being the wild-type, enjoyed the humor and craziness Daniel brought.

But as Jake kept drinking, Daniel had arrived at the party and starting chatting to Tynna. Jake saw this and after the drinking contest, he pulled Daniel aside.

“You just float around mate, you’re a bystander to her while I’m at the center of attention and the only person between the two of us that lingers in her head,” Jake said.

Stunned by how his best friend had drastically changed because of a girl, Daniel couldn’t find the words to argue. He just stormed out from the party. Tynna chased after Daniel, asking him to stay.

“No, you’re fucking with our friendship and it hurts me that he’d let you control him so easily just because you’d let him in you,” Jake told Tynna.

He paused, knowing he was insulting her, but stated, “I like you, I really do. But you’re just playing us for your own amusement.”

A Friendship Torn Apart

After the night at the party, Daniel felt demotivated to continue vying for Tynna’s affection. At university, Daniel tried to confront Jake and tell him that no girl is worth ruining their friendship over, but Jake wouldn’t listen. As Daniel chased after Jake to try and fix their friendship, Tynna appeared and looked at Daniel before Jake placed his arm around her.

That was it. Daniel thought – Jake had won, and he was now with Tynna.

Daniel’s heart sank even more when Jake gave her a kiss on the cheek while smirking at Daniel. Jake didn’t say it but Daniel could hear him utter, “I won”, and his heart dropped.


Daniel and Jake’s friendship – a friendship that had remained strong despite those who said they were a bad influence on each other, a bond that had survived the many challenges of growing up, was broken by one girl.

Daniel teared up as he left campus – while Tynna and Jake looked on from a distance.

Tynna’s Confession

Weeks had passed, and the first semester was coming to a close. Jake and Tynna lived hedonistically together, while Daniel shut himself off from the world.

Jake had continued flaunting his relationship with Tynna on a few occasions, especially when Daniel was around, but Daniel pretended not to care.

One day, Daniel decided to go to a park to get some fresh air when he was greeted by Tynna. She sat next to Daniel while lighting a cigarette. Daniel asked what she was doing here.

“Maybe I read your mind and knew you’d be at the park,” she replied, smiling at Daniel. He returned her smile. They stared into each other’s eyes before Tynna broke the silence.

“How do you bear with all of this?” Tynna asked Daniel.

“I don’t, I just let it eat me up inside. It hurts, every time he does that in front of me. That was the guy who had my back every time I got bullied, the one I explored the world with”.

Tynna paused for a bit before saying she was sorry for doing this. Daniel kept silent.

“I’ve been hurt before for loving someone — for giving them everything they wanted; opening myself, my body. That’s why I’m with Jake, cause I don’t have to give him real love or expect it either.”

“Then why play us around like this?”

“Manipulation is better than showing your cards, Dan.”

“No. Whoever hurt you, I’m sorry, that sucks. But not everybody is like that. Some people can actually love, sometimes you just have to put yourself out there but be careful.”

Tynna started to break into tears before stating, “I’m breaking up with him.” She reached to hold Daniel’s hand and instantly all the resentment Daniel had for Tynna turned back into love. “Promise you won’t hurt me.”

Daniel didn’t answer and started kissing her instead.

A kiss led to a night between the two of them, and a night spent together led to Jake receiving a text from Tynna, saying:

“We’re over.”

The Implosion

Jake didn’t attend the last day of the semester while Tynna and Daniel had begun a relationship together. As they were let out of their final classes, Tynna and Daniel were walking out of the campus before being confronted by Jake.

“I can’t let you have her, Dan. Everything good that comes into my life gets taken away from me – but I’m not letting her go, not because of you.”

But before Daniel could try and talk to Jake, Jake threw a punch across Daniel’s face. Daniel responded back by headbutting Jake, dropping Jake to the ground with Daniel continuing to pound him.

The two continued to brawl before people started pulling them apart. Tynna had run off.

The two of them weren’t expelled from college but were told that if any sort of violence happened again there’d be no second chances. After that, Jake stormed out of the campus and decided to leave town, and with Tynna not picking up Daniel’s calls, Daniel was left all by himself.

The Confrontation

The break had rolled over and a new semester had begun.

When he caught eye of Daniel, Jake immediately pulled him aside, saying that they needed to talk. Before saying anything, Jake hugged Daniel.

“I’m sorry, Dan. For hurting you, betraying you, choosing her over you – all of it. But I can’t be OK with this, I can’t be OK with you two being together,” but before Jake could continue, Daniel stated that he hasn’t been in contact with her all semester break, saying that she just told him that she went on holiday.

Unsure of who Tynna really had feelings for, they decided that they needed to confront her and get an answer once and for all.

During their break, Daniel and Jake found Tynna. They all hid in an empty classroom to not draw attention from anyone. “No more games, Ty. Make a decision now; Who do you really love?” Jake asked.

Tynna stared at Jake first before looking at Daniel, her gaze lingering on him and her lips whispering, “Dan”. Jake immediately left the room in a fit of rage, Daniel giving chase before a lecturer bumped into Jake, causing Jake to inflict his anger on the lecturer.

Daniel tried to pull Jake away but was elbowed in the nose before the dean saw this and immediately told Jake that he was expelled, with security pulling him away and throwing him out. Jake decided to run away again, having lost everything that he loved.

Nothing Breaks a Friendship

The months had passed with no word of Jake’s whereabouts, and when their semester had finished Tynna tried to convince Daniel to search for Jake and pulled out various leads on where he could be.

“He knows how to take care of himself. If he wants to come back he’ll do it on his own time.”

Tynna slapped Daniel, stating that Jake was his best friend and Daniel was just giving up on him like that. “If the roles were reversed, Jake would go to any length to find you.” Daniel tried to dismiss her but Tynna rebutted, “then look me in the eyes and tell me he wouldn’t.”

Realising she was right, Daniel decided to take Tynna’s advice and look for Jake, pointing out that there was one place he’d always escape to and Daniel was sure Jake was there.

Before leaving, Tynna gave one last kiss to Daniel before saying, “It’s all my fault, and I’m sorry for all of it.”  

After days of searching, Daniel finally found Jake hiding by the lakeside in a village, drowning his sorrows with booze.

“Fuck off.” Jake exclaimed. “You have her and I’m far away from it all. Just enjoy each other’s love and leave me alone.”

“No. You’re my best friend, no matter what girl comes into our life I would never let anything tear us apart, never again. You said that I’m just a bystander, well I’m done waiting for things to happen.”

“Look who finally grew a pair, but I don’t want anything to do with you lot anymore. Just let me rot here.”

Daniel didn’t reply and decided to pull Jake up and hug him, saying, “I love you, alright? I fucking love you and I care so much about you. Nothing and no one could make me love you less, I promise you that. I just want my best friend back.”

best friends, gif, and glasses image

Jake tried to push Daniel away but started crying, realizing how much they needed each other and they finally rekindled their friendship.

Final Goodbyes

Tynna decided to move back to Singapore to start afresh – She couldn’t handle the fear that she would tear Daniel and Jake’s friendship apart again. Jake started taking up middle-class jobs and shared an apartment with Daniel when he graduated from university.

Daniel hadn’t gotten a job yet and one day while out with Jake for a drive, he didn’t know where Jake was taking him.

“Hey, where are we going?”

“You’ll find out,” Jake replied.

After a long drive, they had finally arrived at the airport. Jake exited the driver’s seat and removed luggage from the back of the car.

“What’s all this?”

“Your stuff,” Jake replied while handing a one-way ticket to Singapore to Daniel.

“You don’t want to meet Tynna naked, do you?” Jake chuckled.

Daniel froze, not knowing what to think of all of this before Jake continued, “Go get her, mate. I’ve accepted for a while now that you two are meant to be.”

But, how do I find her?”

“Just get on that plane and when you arrive she’ll be there, waiting for you,” Jake announced, having organized everything. He pulled Daniel in for one final hug. “I’ll always love you the best. Remember that.” Jake cried out.

Daniel was left to tears as he grabbed his bags and walked past the door, looking at Jake one last time before leaving.

Me and Daniel still keep in touch here and there. He and Tynna are happily living together, while I make the most of my own life.

Some friendships are just worth going through hell-and-back for, because real friends look out for each other no matter what or who stands in their way. -Jake

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