What’s Dating A Flight Attendant Truly Like

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Most men dream of dating flight attendants because let’s admit it, they’re pretty. However, people being people, we only focus on the good side of things and turn a blind eye on the negative side of things.

I’m a man currently dating a flight attendant and here’s my story.

There are a few things you need to know when dating a flight attendant who’s based so far away from home. And from you.


Be prepared to be on your phone ALL THE TIME – Whatsapp, video calls etc. You’re 5000km away from each other (between Kuala Lumpur and Dubai). You’re on different time zones (Dubai is 4 hours behind). And seeing her on video call is as physical as it can get. It’s frustrating – you can’t hold her, there’s practically no intimacy and you miss out on each other’s important days.

You have to be prepared for sudden loss of communications as well. Sometimes they are called in the eleventh hour to be on standby, sometimes they find out 2 hours before that they need to fly off somewhere. Hence, whatever texting plans or video call plans you have are just gone.

But don’t be bummed about it! She’s as bummed out as you are. She chose to date you for a reason – you’re always there for her. You’re probably the only certainty in her ever-changing fast-paced life. As flight attendants, they meet all kinds of people – the hot ones, the sexy ones, the womanizer, the rude ones and the list goes on. However, you’re different. If she chose to commit to you, it’s because normal is what she craves for. It brings order into her life. YOU are the order.


Now, many say that long-distance relationships are doomed to fail. ESPECIALLY when you’re dating a flight attendant. Well, answer’s yes and no. Yes, it’s doomed to fail if you let it. No, it’s not doomed to fail if you realise that it’s her job and knowing that if she can be where you are and still do her job, she would. Undoubtedly!

Distance is really just relative. Yeah, you do miss the occasional physical touch and intimacy but perhaps it’s not always about that. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Is she worth the wait?” I’m not sure about you, but I know my answer.

All that distance and waiting for her to come home to you is all more worthwhile when you see her in person, seeing that beautiful smile, holding her in your arms as tightly as possible, kissing the living daylights out of her etc. That rush and weak-in-the knees feeling shows that you may have already fallen deeply in love with this person.

So yes, distance is relative. Physical distance can be frustrating but nothing is more painful than emotional distance. Emotionally devoted would mean that even after not talking to her during her 16 hour flight, ultimately you still miss her and you’d want to be the first person to know about her journey. THAT is emotional devotion.


Trust is important in any relationship. And it’s hard to come by. Especially so in such long-distance ones. You’re over here and she’s over there. You don’t know what she’s doing or who she’s with, vice versa. So how do you build trust without actually being physically there?

Be honest on the get go.

Don’t wait till things happen or insecurities kick in then you reassure her. It’ll put a lot of mental and emotional strain on the both of you. Just be honest with her if you’re going out with any ladies or if you’re going out for parties and if there’s alcohol involved etc.

 It’s fine to have plans with your female friends without your partner. Just make sure she hears it from you first because it’s the most original version of the story. Don’t let social media or other people ruin your chances to build trust with her. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t owe your partner any explanation but if it sets her mind at peace, why not?!

E.g. I once went out with a group of friends and my ex is also friends with the group. Hence she will be joining us for dinner. To me, it wasn’t a big deal because I know it’s nothing. But to your partner who’s 5000km away, she doesn’t know this. So what I did was, I told her that I’m going out with friends and my ex will be there too. Honesty comes a long way because she thanked me for telling her and appreciated that I’m honest with her on the get go.


Well there’s nothing I can say about this except that you will have to think of ways to deal with your urges on your own when you and your partner are 5000km away. It can get frustrating, I get it. But it doesn’t make up the entire relationship. If you love the person, she becomes more than just physical intimacy/sex to you.

The sooner you realise this, the better. And when you do, you’ll be more patient and controlling your urges becomes easier.

The bright side is, it feels so much better when you finally see her.

Now that I’ve enlightened you on some of the downsides (also upsides) of dating a flight attendant, if you’re still asking if it’s worth it, my answer is YES!!! Dating a flight attendant might be one of the most enlightening and rewarding decision you’ve ever made. She will make you grow into a capable man and their independence can shape you into being comfortable in your own skin.

Make it worth it. Make it the most beautiful thing in your life. Good luck out there.

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