4 Crazy Things Women Have Done to Attract Malaysian Men

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Someone once told me, “There’s a crazy little thing called love.”

But what about the crazy things people do for love?

I have read about women going for extreme makeovers or even plastic surgery just to attract men. The most batshit-crazy one I heard was a man using black magic to attract the woman he fancied. But unfortunately, the black magic was too powerful to be reversed, and it led to the death of the woman.

The craziest thing I have ever done to attract a man will be using an Ouija board to “tell” my crush that I liked him. I was 12.

It probably freaked my crush out when the “cursor” moved and spelled his name.

I talked to 4 Malaysian guys who shared their experiences when it comes to the crazy things women do to attract men.


*Carl told me about his unfortunate experience of being stalked by a woman who was attracted to him. They met through a mutual friend over lunch. The lunch then led to some explicit activities in between the sheets.

“Didn’t think much of it in the beginning and then shit got weird! So no, she had to go,” he told me.

It started with him being stalked on social media – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The stalking got out of hand when she managed to “score” his home address, which she conveniently passed by a few times in a day.

He was left with no choice but to block her from all his social media accounts after her many attempts to get hold of his information. It came to a head when she threatened to cut herself if he didn’t meet her.

It’s a good thing that Carl is now 10,000km away from his stalker.


It all started with *Sabrina stalking *James on Friendster after he helped her solved an issue. James was working in a call centre. Sabrina asked for his full name, and he obliged since it was his company’s policy. Eventually, the stalking turned into a relationship where James was completely controlled by Sabrina.

“All my time exclusively belonged to her,” James told me.

Sabrina even controlled the frequency of him going back to Malaysia to see his parents. She once called James 50 times in the span of two hours. She thought he was cheating on her. In reality, he was just out with his buddies for beers.

That incident made Sabrina even more controlling. He was never allowed to be in touch with his friends anymore.

James couldn’t deal with it. He broke up with Sabrina. He claims it was the best decision he has ever made.


You always hear of people using black magic or witchcraft to win hearts. It sounds like something from a movie. That was what I thought of black magic until I talked to *Greg.

Greg was relocated to Bangkok for a few months for work. His colleague in Bangkok invited him to witness a bizarre black magic ritual. He met with a male shaman who dressed as a woman. This shaman is famous for his potion making skills. His bizarre skill helped many women in the “escort” business to grow.

Greg explained to me in detail what he experienced. He paid the shaman THB 5,000 (approximately about RM650) to show him the process of making the potion.

The shaman would first bribe someone at the morgue to collect “possessions” like hair or nails from dead female bodies who died of childbirth difficulties. The hair or nails were then taken to be brewed into a potion that makes a person look irresistible to men.

All that was needed was a handshake to swipe some of the potion onto the man’s hand. That would make the men to go back to the same “escort” frequently.

Perhaps, men should be more cautious when visiting those extra special services in Thailand next time!


Sex manipulation is probably one of the most common method a woman uses to attract men. She would use sex as a way to guilt-trip the man into being attracted to her. This method works well especially when some men can’t resist the temptation of the flesh.

*Sean met this girl on Tinder. They met up for dinner where the girl indicated to him that she doesn’t want sex after their dinner date. It went well until he walked her to her car and she unleashed the beast in her. She initiated sex there and then. When Sean was about to open a condom, she stopped him from doing so.

“You scared I’ll get pregnant is it? Don’t worry, even if I do, I won’t come and claim you as the father,” she “threatened” Sean.

Sean thought it was a one-time thing after that scary encounter. However, the girl had a different agenda. She constantly texted him and pressured him into a relationship. She made him feel guilty since they already had sex. Sean did what he had to do so he blocked her from all his social media.

Sometimes, all it takes is confidence and courage to attract men. Women need to learn to accept rejection. After all, rejection is part and parcel of life.

Also, a rejection does not mean one will be single forever. There are a lot of “fishes” in the sea. Why cling to an anchovy when you can get a grouper right?

Men, too, do crazy things to attract women. But let’s keep those stories for another day.

*not their real names

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