5 Best Places to Take Photographs in Malaysia

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Are you looking for inspiring places to practice your photography skills? In this story, both professional and hobbyist photographers share their favourite picture spots and tell us why they’re good places to capture images on the camera.

Also included are great tips such as when is the best time to go and what to bring along.

1. Sekinchan

“Sekinchan is a unique place with scenic countryside views that offers a calming break from the daily hustle and bustle of city life”, says Sean Chang, a Studio Specialist for Multivious Studio.

Photo by Sean Chang

According to Sean, the best time to take photographs in Sekinchan is the pre-harvest season which takes place around March to April or September to October. During these months you can capture the vibrant green paddy fields which dominate Sekinchan’s landscape.

However it’s worth a revisit as the scenery changes throughout the different seasons of paddy cultivation. Sean also enjoys taking photographs of the local cottage industry.

From the various photography trips that Sean took to Sekinchan, he found that it’s best to spend 2 to 3 days exploring the area, as it’s a vast landscape. He also recommends bringing a companion in order to get a different perspective and find the best spots.

“Tripods are essential and so are interchangeable lenses, because it allows you to slowly compose the scene. However, most of all, patience is indispensable.”

When it’s bright and sunny, Sean suggests using the camera’s viewfinder. If you don’t have a viewfinder on your camera, you can use a cap to check your camera’s LCD screen.

Other than paddy fields, Sekinchan is also known for Pantai Redang.

Photo by Sean Chang

Pantai Redang is a great place to take photographs of the seascape and wildlife, says Sean. You will need a tripod for your photography session here as well, but it’s best not to bring your most expensive tripod along as it might get damaged by the wet sand (unless it’s a carbon fibre tripod). You can get good tripods that are not super expensive if you scout around a bit.

You may also want to bring telezoom lense to capture the wildlife in the area such as the shorebirds and waterfowl.

2. Pantai Morib

Pantai Morib is one of Angela Wen’s favourite spots to take sunset photographs. Angela aspires to be a professional photographer one day.

To take the photograph below, Angela was there one hour before the sunset to wait for the best moment. She says it’s best to go there during low tide so you can have access to more locations. Phua Chu Kang boots and mosquito repellant will be helpful for your mission.

Photo by Angela Wen a.k.a Angela Choo

“This is a long exposure sunset photo taken at Pantai Morib area last month using Sony camera with Samyang 12mm ultrawide manual focus lens and Nisi CPL and ND filter” – Angela Wen.

Some of Angela’s other favourite spots to take sunset photographs are Tanjung Tuan and Pulau Ketam since it’s conveniently close to her home in Shah Alam. For sunrise, Angela likes to go to Kuala Kubu Bahru and Putrajaya.

To get the best sunrise and sunset photographs, Angela suggests checking the weather report and also to find out the exact time the sun is rising or setting. It’s best to plan to go on a day where there is no rain and the weather is clear. The occasional clouds can actually be good as they help to create a dramatic effect for the sunrise and sunset.

3. Kuala Kubu Bahru

Other than sunsets and sunrises, Angela Wen also enjoys capturing photographs of the Milky Way. She listed Kuala Kubu Bahru and Cameron Highlands as good spots to get shots.

Photo by Angela Wen a.k.a. Angela Choo

Angela Wen captured The Milky Way photo above in Kuala Kubu Bahru during the new moon phase (when the moon is not visible). At the time, there was low cloud coverage and no rain. It was a long exposure shot with the camera on a sturdy tripod and an ultra wide-angle manual focus lens with a big aperture.

“The best time to capture The Milky Way core is from March to September during new moon period when the clouds coverage is low.”

The Milky Way rises late in March (around 12- 1 am) and gets earlier and earlier in the later months until it rises at about 8: 30 pm in September (according to the 2018 record). “You can still capture The Milky Way after September, but only The Milky Way tail with no core.”

4. Batu Caves

“Batu Caves is far more than just a temple and tourist attraction, it’s a joint place of multiple emotions and a crossover habitat for wildlife”, says Khantan Nair. He illustrates this idea beautifully in his photo album, ‘Batu Caves – The Emotions Within’.

Khantan is a passionate photographer who is willing to see and show the world in a different angle with his street and nature photography.

Photos by Khantan Nair

These pictures were taken in the morning at approximately 9:30. It was the first time Khantan went to Batu Caves after the renovation. Khantan wanted to capture the genuine emotions of the children and other people who were interacting with the animals in Batu Caves to show the habitat crossover.

Khantan advises that the ideal time to go to Batu Caves is a Friday or any auspicious day for Hindus. He enjoys taking photographs of the people and animals there like monkeys and pigeons the most.

5. Brickfields

Another great spot for street photography is Brickfields, according to Khantan.

Photo by Khantan Nair

“This photograph was taken at 9 in the morning since that was her regular time for collecting aluminum tins for recycling.” – Khantan Nair

There are loads of other inspiring places to take photographs in Malaysia, but we’ll stop here for now and leave you with a quote from Elliott Erwitt instead, “Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

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