Introverts Aren’t Antisocial: 5 Things People Get Wrong About Us

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“Why are you so quiet?” “You should talk more.” “Don’t be antisocial.”

Sounds familiar? If so, you’re probably a classic introvert too. High five!

The fact is, we do talk. Perhaps not as much as extroverts would.

Even then, my silence is often perceived as being unfriendly and uninterested. Perhaps silence is not always golden.

Us quiet ones have been misunderstood for the longest time. Let’s set the record straight.

Introverts are Antisocial

One of life’s most common misconceptions that carries a negative connotation.

Unlike extroverts who thrive in big social gatherings, the same can’t be said for introverts. We prefer intimate settings.

Does it mean we shun all human interactions? No.

Interacting in large groups makes us feel overwhelmed and trapped – more so if the participants are mostly extroverts or people that we barely know.

Introverts enjoy one-on-one conversations, or small groups with our nearest and dearest because they allow our voices to be heard – literally and figuratively.

In other words, introverts are selectively social. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong about it.

Introverts Dread Talking

We may be quiet as mice, but it does not mean we don’t utter a single word.

Introverts find it tough to make small talks on the fly, not to mention the awkward pauses in between.

Words don’t come easy to us. We struggle to present our thoughts eloquently especially when we’re under pressure.

At times, it seems like we’re zoning out while you’re chattering away. We’re not. We need a moment before verbally responding.

Interestingly, research suggests that introverts tend to rely on long-term memory, compared to extroverts who count on active memory when they communicate.

Talking about deep topics works wonders for introverts because we can delve into one’s ideas, feelings, and thoughts to create meaningful conversations.

Introverts Don’t Make Good Listeners 

Imagine this: You’re chatting with a pal. You want to pour your heart out, but your friend doesn’t seem to have a pause button.

Sometimes, all we need someone to listen without judging.

Extroverts are great in engaging with others, but they can get caught up in the interactions and don’t take a step back to listen.

Introverts on the other hand, we speak less but we listen attentively.

Our keen observational skills let us focus on what others are saying and gain insights before expressing our own thoughts.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your introverted friends. We do dish out good advice too.

Introverts are Miserable Loners

It’s understandable why some people think of us this way.

Extroverts find social interactions stimulating because being around people energises them. They’re the life of the party, after all.

As for introverts, we draw the line when it comes to socialising not because we loathe it.

Social overwhelm drains us. We need our alone time to recuperate after spending time being cooped up with people.

We enjoy our solitude, so don’t take it personally if we decline your invitation to hang out.

Introverts have Zero Friends

No thanks to the rise of social media platforms, one’s sociability is judged by the number of friends he or she has.

Introverts usually keep a small circle of friends. Who needs tons of casual acquaintances when we can have a few close friends who knows us inside and out?

The trusty ones who would still hang out with us despite our quirks and awkward silence.

Introverts are awesome people, once you get to know us better. Don’t worry, we won’t bite.

How introverted are you? Let us know in the comments!

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