I was an internet troll and I got caught – then forgiven by the one I trolled

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Mr T was the worst person ever in existence in my life. He’s what we call a two-headed snake. On one front he constantly engages in PR activities to show himself being a benevolent and understanding person, but behind the scenes he engaged in multitudes of illegal activities often involving stealing from the poor and underprivileged to fund his lavish lifestyle.

How do I know all this? Because he’s being affiliated with a terrible political party who was decimated in the recent 14th General Election in Malaysia. What further prove do you need of his terrible deeds? Every person who speaks kindly of that terrible political party is a paid “Cybertrooper”. No sane person would ever support Barisan Nasional (BN).

The only reason they would support BN is that they’re paid by them or have some political influence from them to keep supporting them. No morally righteous person would ever support BN on merit unless they’re stupid, paid or brainless. Mr T is certainly one of them and it’s only right to fight him the same way they fight, playing dirty.

The problem was, whatever I said earlier about Mr T evil deeds was purely fabricated based on exaggeration of rumours and hearsay. His writing were of decency, of his opinion and thoughts for what makes a better world and makes us human. I disagreed with his outlooks of life though, so I didn’t bother to read what else he has to say.

He’s affiliated with BN and evil, nuff said. I started a crazy rumour about him and his family, behind the comfort of anonymity and it worked! People didn’t questioned the source. After the events of GE14 with all the scandals and corruption cases surrounding people in BN, netizens are willing to accept another small addition to the long list of corrupt acts practice by BN. They have resorted to propaganda and misinformation before, so it’s only fair for me to fight fire with fire.

Then Mr T caught up with what I said and presented his argument. Furthermore my online identity was exposed by the netizens and suddenly the safety of internet anonymity abandoned me. I was vulnerable and felt being hunted down by an angry mob. Less than a month ago we have the case of Edi Rajang who went viral for insulting a Carlsberg promoter because she was selling beer which was forbidden to Edi.

When the incident blew up netizens started attacking on Edi, as far as to search for his employer causing Edi to lose his job, the details of his wife and even the school where his daughter studied. I had my photo published and I already felt like the world was collapsing around me.

Then Mr T, the person whom I insulted, crafted an evil imagery as the privileged son who made his way up through nepotism, just forgave me. He praised my admission of mistake (despite being done because my identity was revealed, otherwise I would just run away and continue spreading the lie) offer to make amends and even persuaded the netizens to forget the incident and move on.

I’ve never been so ashamed of myself before. I suddenly see I’ve become the very thing I swore to destroy from this world. The person who was affiliated with what is seen to be the most corrupted political part gave me the most important realisation for a long time.

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