5 Guilty Pleasures These Malaysians Can’t Live Without

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Guilty Pleasures. What does that even mean? For that, let’s go to our trusted urban dictionary ok?

First definition.

Source: Urban Dictionary

Definition number two

Source: Urban Dictionary

So basically it’s something you shouldn’t like, or something you wouldn’t want to admit you like.

 Luckily, these Malaysians didn’t mind sharing their guilty pleasures with us. Here are their stories.

1. Grand Theft Auto

Adil, a musician, finds solace in Grand Theft Auto, a violent, open-world, action-adventure video game. In it, you’re free to do anything you want – steal a car, shoot innocent civilians, wage war on the police – pretty much anything you can think of.

He admitted that while the game can be pretty violent, it’s all in good fun.

Also, in a way, it’s a good diversion for him to channel his frustrations and road rage. Much better than taking it out on the real-life rude drivers and rempits on Malaysian roads right?

At the same time, while he believes this game won’t make him more violent, he can’t speak for all lah. He believes the issues surrounding the driving offences in Malaysia stem from the lack of enforcement in punishing the perpetrators as well as the driving culture here – not from a video game!

To Adil, blaming a computer game is such an easy and lazy way out.

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2. Justin Bieber’s songs  

Kok Siew, a videographer, has two personas when a Justin Bieber song starts playing.

When he is in front of the radio all by himself, he sings along to the song. In front of friends, he’d pretend to be disgusted and quickly switch channels!

So why does he do it? This is his explanation.

“I think its peer pressure, and also the pressure to be seen as manly. There is sort of a stigma attached to guys who listen to girl groups, or singers like Justin Bieber, who cater more to the female audience. So I have to put up an act, or I’ll be ridiculed like crazy.”

IRL Editor edit: We all have our own embarrassing artist that we can’t admit we like, so don’t worry about it Kok Siew – just be yourself. In fact, you probably have a lot more ‘Belieber’ friends than you realise.

3. Games of Thrones (GOT)

Nad, an events planner, said she jumped on the GOT bandwagon pretty late compared to her friends. She was never much of a TV fan to begin with, but that changed after hearing so many of her friends talk about the show.

So she gave in, and watched the first episode. Surprisingly, it didn’t live up to her expectations at all. It was too slow for her liking.

But one of her friends told her to push through the first season. As long as she can survive that, the rest of the seasons will be unlike anything she’s seen before, they said.

She took her friend’s advice and stuck with it. Today, she’s one of the biggest GOT fans. In fact, she’s trying to replace this guilty pleasure, but it’ll take some beating to surpass GOT, that’s for sure! 

4. Chili sauce . Like lots and lots of them.

Nicki’s not picky when it comes to food. When she’s hungry, a basic meal consisting eggs or just simple rice to fill an empty stomach will do. But put meat in there, and she needs chili sauce with it. No exceptions!

Source (imgflip): https://imgflip.com/i/27fawv

You can give her black pepper chicken, ayam tiga rasa, ayam 10 rasa, lamb chop, and still, it needs to have chili sauce on it. Her friends find it very bizarre, and tease her all the time about it – but regardless of what they say, she still puts chili sauce on it.

So what happens if a restaurant runs out of chili sauce, and she just ordered a meal with meat in it?

Nicki says she’ll just have to suck it up and move forward. You can’t exactly refund a meal because there’s no chili sauce right?

5. Smelling money and petrol (not necessarily in that order)

Alex, a consultant, seems to be a pretty normal guy. He goes to the gym few times a week, eats three meals a day, and goes to mamak to yamcha with friends. Sounds like a typical Malaysian right?

What’s not so typical is that he likes the smell of money as well as petrol!

While everyone dreads the time to fill up petrol and burn a hole in their pockets, Alex looks forward to it. He gets to smell the sweet aroma of petrol, and the money which he uses to pay for it as well.

A little too much info, but different strokes for different folks I guess.

Source (Imgflip): https://imgflip.com/i/25g0v2

What’s your guilty pleasure?

As an individual with different wants, needs and preferences, we all have a lil own weirdness in us. Maybe you share a guilty pleasure similar with their stories. What are yours? We promise not to judge, but we can’t promise not to chuckle a little.

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