My GF and I can never agree on where to eat.

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Hi Editor/IRL,

My girlfriend and I can never agree on where to eat. We can spend hours just deciding a place. What’s your advice?

Dear Mr. A,

It sounds like you have trouble making decisions. You’re not alone in this –most people don’t like to decide where to eat, simply because it assumes responsibility for yourself and others.

Sure, it’s a small responsibility, but responsibility nonetheless.

My advice is you need to start making decisions. Yes, it’s scary to take charge, but guess what? That’s what adults do!

You might be wondering – but what if she doesn’t like it?

Great! Then it’ll teach her to make decisions too. When both of you know what you want, then you can have a productive discussion about where to eat. That’s much better than just “Anywhere lah up to you.” Good luck!

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