There Will Always Be Joy In Every Season

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“There will always be joy in every season.” Why do I say that? Well, this is the story of how this phrase changed my entire perspective.

I met up with my mentor after a trip to Disneyland

Back in November 2019, after coming back from Japan where I had a wonderful holiday, I met up with my mentor and shared about the great time I had there.

I shared with him how much I loved being at Tokyo Disneyland —  the Disney parade, the fireworks, shows and rides truly took all the worries and thoughts I had off my mind.

I loved being surrounded by familiar and well-loved cartoon characters from my childhood. It was really like being in the happiest place on Earth.

“Why did you like being at Disneyland?” he asked me.

I said to him, being immersed in the jovial and carefree atmosphere in Disneyland makes one feel safe and extremely fortunate to be in the happiest place on Earth.

“What were the negative aspects of Disneyland?” He asked.

“What were the negative aspects of your visit to Disneyland?” he asked —  a question which surprised me.

I humoured him and told him I felt lonely as most of the people there were accompanied either with friends, family or their partners or spouses.

Also, I did feel sad for parents who had brought their infant children who cried most of the time during the rides and show.

After sharing both the positive and negative aspects of my trip, he then said this slowly, “There is always joy in every season.”

In that moment, it began to hit me. I realised the importance of looking for positives in every season of our lives.

The importance of seeking positivity

It was this statement that allowed me to embrace certain areas in my life that I had always been grappling with.

One of these areas was the fact that I was still single. I still am now.

Perhaps there’s something that we have always wanted, but for some reason it has not happened yet.

Perhaps we are looking for that special someone to come by.

Or perhaps we’re looking out for the right job or trying extremely hard to make our dreams come true.

Regardless of what you are truly desiring at this point of time, why not take the opportunity to truly appreciate the small and often overlooked parts of your life in this current season?

Here’s what you can do during this season you are in:

  1. If you are looking for a life partner, take the time to focus on yourself.

Give yourself time to grow, learn and to heal from any past hurts. Learn to love and take care of yourself before loving others. In the meantime, enjoy what you can still do while you’re single. Making new friends, travel the world or focus on building a career.

  1. While you are seeking out and applying for a new job, take this time to develop other soft skills.

You can do this by reading a book to improve your communication skills, listening to podcasts to build your confidence or developing important technical skills.

  1. Enjoy the journey instead of focusing only on the destination.

Find out what truly brings joy and happiness to your life and most importantly, be a better person than you were before.

What will you do this season?

We have all the time in the world right now since the current global situation has resulted in many of us being stuck at home.

The question is, will you take the opportunity to find joy in this season?

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