Of Makeup and Scuba Diving – Shirley Wee Shares Her Beauty Secrets and Love for Sports

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This 25-year-old Passionista from Kuching, Sarawak, is comfortable underwater as opposed to the front of a camera.

But, it was easy to see why Amway chose Shirley to be a beauty advocate for their Artistry cosmetic line. With her playful smile, sun-kissed skin, and friendly demeanour, she has a certain charm about her.

As a Passionista, Shirley works full time for Amway, promoting their new skin care and cosmetic brand available exclusively for Amway customers.

But does she think of herself as beautiful?

What does ‘beauty’ mean to you?

“Beauty comes from within. Positivity and confidence are things which make someone truly beautiful. It’s not just enough for someone to be physically beautiful, confidence is what makes it truly shine.”

Other than that, she also thinks a healthy body is the secret to being beautiful. “Aside from my work, I also enjoy scuba diving and aerobics. So that’s why I’m a bit dark-skinned – but I am very proud of that!” she laughs.

Which part of yourself do you like the most?

“Definitely my eyes, and also my smile.”

“But, in order to be beautiful, start with your diet. Eat plenty of veggies and fruits, and I cannot emphasise this enough – drink lots of water. A Chinese saying goes like this, ‘Women are made of water,’ so it’s extremely important to hydrate and moisturise for better skin and health. You can also take vitamins to boost your immune system. These can improve your health and skin too.”

“Finally, exercise is crucial. You cannot maintain a healthy body with diets – you must exercise too. I prefer aerobics. It improves your blood circulation, which in turn improves your skin. With better skin, you can apply makeup better.”

“It’s important to take care of your skin. Moisturising is crucial, and I only use Amway’s eSpring water for this process. After that, I will use boosters to protect my skin. Prior to applying makeup, I use sunblock – when you’re living in a country like Malaysia, sunscreen is very important.”

“After a long day, I always ensure my makeup is removed. It’s a big no-no to not remove your makeup before you sleep.”

The person that inspires Shirley the most? South Korean makeup artist – Pony. “She’s just so beautiful, inside and out. I aspire to be like her one day.”

South Korean beauty guru, Pony.

Being an athletic woman, one of Shirley’s short-term goals is to have a vest line. A vest line is essentially six-pack abs. It’s called a ‘vest line’ because the outline of a well-toned abdomen looks like a vest.

Example of a vest line.

“It is something that quite a lot of women are after, including me. For my long-term goals, I would love to double my income each year. So that I can complete my dream of travelling around the world with my family.”

“I love to travel,” she said longingly. “My favourite country is Japan. I love their culture. Plus, the locals are kind and polite.” One look at her Instagram tells us exactly that.

Shirley at Senso-ji, an ancient Buddhist temple in Asakusa, Tokyo

You seem like a very motivated person. How do you stay motivated?

“I listen to a lot of motivational videos online. I find that I can learn a lot from motivational speakers in terms of how to stay positive and to keep myself motivated daily. Other than that, I also read a lot of self-help books to feel more empowered and become a better person. Books on teamwork are important for me, because as a Passionista, it’s not a one-person job – I have to work in a team with other girls as well.”

How do you always look good in your Instagram images?

She said for a picture to look good, you must be confident. It gives your picture the ‘wow’ factor.

“I recommend having a good DSLR or newer models of point-and-shoot cameras for taking good pictures. These would make the best images with high resolutions. But even if you don’t have one, it’s okay – most smartphones have good cameras built in, and they are powerful. After that, you can use cosmetic apps to add filters or edit the images.”

“I understand that not everyone will be 100% okay with pictures of themselves. Even celebrities airbrush their pictures. However, don’t overdo it. It will make you look fake and ‘plastic’. You want to present your true self instead of showing others who you are not, which ties back to what I said about confidence – you should be able to feel confident in your own skin.”

“Trust me, it will show through your photos. Also, pictures with the sun as a light source would be most ideal,” she added.

And there you have it – Shirley’s tips on how to stay beautiful.

For more makeup and beauty tips, follow Shirley’s Instagram at @shirleyw.429!

This story is brought to you by The Passionista Beauty Series with Artistry. Stay tuned for more upcoming stories and videos!

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