From A Model To Makeup Artist: Akimi Tee Says Beauty Is All About Effort And Hard Work

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Impeccably dressed, Akimi had an air of elegance and sophistication when she said,

“My name is Akimi, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Segamat, Johor. My interests include makeup and travelling.”

It turns out that Akimi is no stranger to the camera – in her previous job, she was a model.

The former model combines her modelling experience with her love for makeup and is now a beauty advocate for Amway’s latest skincare and cosmetic brand – Artistry. Their beauty advocates are also known as Passionistas.

“As a Passionista, I get to teach and help others with makeup. Plus, I get to travel and meet people too. I love mingling and I get along with people quickly.”

“I got into this industry when I was 21. I used to have extremely dry skin back then, and it was so bad that no amount of moisturiser could heal me,” she said.

“I couldn’t find a solution until I met a friend who got me into Amway. She told me that Artistry’s products would help improve my dry skin problems.

“I’ve tried many products but none of them worked, so I was sceptical at first. But I thought, there’s no harm in trying one more, right?

“I gave Artistry a try and it worked! From that day on, I stayed loyal to Amway and decided to make this my career.”

How do you define beauty?

“Your character is very important. For example, the way you talk, the way you behave and the way you treat other people.

“Character includes confidence. Even though I don’t have the kind of face which society deems pretty, I have a unique face structure which I’m proud of. That confidence is what makes me beautiful.”

“Aside from that, I admire people with gorgeous skin. To me, if you have flawless skin, you are about 90% perfect,” she said.

How does one achieve flawless skin?

“There’s a Chinese saying, ‘there are no ugly women, only lazy ones’. I live by that saying. If you want to stay or be beautiful, you can’t just rely on what you’re born with – you need to go the extra mile.”

“First, identify your skin problems. For example, some people have oily or dry skin, while others are prone to breakouts.

“Learn how to follow an appropriate skincare routine which suits you best. You must also have basic makeup skills so you can enhance your natural beauty.

“This takes work, but you can’t be lazy. The outcome of your effort and hard work will show in your appearance.”

“Secondly, you need to eat foods which are high in protein and fibre. Your diet directly affects how you look too.”

What beauty products do you use?

“Facial masks are very important. I put on facial masks once in the morning and again at night. I also apply hyaluronic acid essence and serum.

“Another thing I use is sunblock, which protects me from harmful UV rays.

“Finally, don’t forget to remove your makeup and clean your face thoroughly before bed. You don’t want anything on your face for longer than necessary.”

“I know I put a lot of work into my beauty routine. But I aspire to be like women who don’t look their age, even in their 30’s,” she said.

How do you stay motivated for all these years as a makeup artist?

“It’s not easy. I have to work with different people. Often, there will be plenty of different personalities and demands. Unfortunately, I can’t satisfy everyone.”

“But whenever I’m faced with a difficult situation, I would remind myself that this too shall pass. It’s just another obstacle I need to overcome. Life is still beautiful despite its challenges.”

You were a model before – why did you quit?

“Oh yes, I was a model for clothes, cars, and other products. I was even a catwalk model at one point.

“One of the reasons I stopped modelling was because in that line of work, being 25 is considered ‘old’ for the job. With so many younger and prettier girls coming into the scene, you’ll start to fade into the background.

“Being a model was exhausting too. It’s not the kind of job I wanted at the time. You may think being a model is just standing around, looking pretty, but you don’t know the hard work that goes into it.”

“We have to watch our weight, wake up early and sleep late. We always need to apply heavy makeup too. That lifestyle really affected my skin and health.

“So at 21, when I was introduced to Amway, it gave me a whole new perspective on what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to switch and be a makeup artist instead.”

“I knew nothing about makeup then. I started taking classes and educating myself, to improve myself and help other people.

“It’s been five years, and I’m glad that I chose this career path instead. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

You have a large following on Instagram. What are your tips on nailing the perfect OOTD Instagram shot?

“With so many people following and noticing my every move, I need to constantly update my Instagram to provide them with content. The OOTD (Outfit of the day) shot is one of them.”

“Here’s how to take the perfect OOTD shot. First, you need perfect lighting for your pictures. No one likes to see pictures taken in the dark or somewhere dimly lit.”

“Try to take it in daylight, as it is softer and more natural compared to indoor lighting.”

“Secondly, your angle is important too. If you take pictures from an unflattering angle, it makes your body look disproportionate.

“Third, if you’re on the chubbier side, use props to cover up areas you’re not satisfied with. For example, if you think that you have a chubby face, you can put on a pair of sunglasses to shape it.”

And those were Akimi’s tips and tricks on how to maintain flawless skin. For more beauty and photography tips, follow Akimi’s Instagram @Akimitee_0327.

This story is brought to you by The Passionista Beauty Series with Artistry. Stay tuned for more

upcoming stories and videos!

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