Have You Ever Been Caught By The CCTV? This Is My Wildest ‘Dating’ Story In The Cinema

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There’s just something about a dark cinema that makes couples do crazy things nowadays.

For example, in recent news, a Thai couple was caught by the CCTV for getting too comfortable in the cinema.

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Most people wouldn’t think there are CCTVs in the cinema, much less those with night vision. It’s so common to see couples making out in the dark.

In the darkness, you are given a sort of privacy. I’m sure most people had, at some point, tried to make their dates ‘wild’ in the cinemas. I won’t deny it myself — it’s fun.

I’ve had some experience with taking things to the next level. Fortunately, we weren’t caught by any CCTV or employees during our so called ‘adventures’.

All the ‘adventures’ I had were with this one ex-girlfriend I was seeing. You know how when people talk about something cringey they did, they always say, “I was young and foolish”?

Yep, that was us.

The thing about being young and foolish is the utter lack of fear from a little exhibitionism.

These trysts took place on more than one occasion. I believe it was the adrenaline rush that made it so much more exciting.

The exhilaration came from doing it in a public area and from the risk of getting caught.

Plus, it’s uncommon for Malaysian cinemas to have CCTVs (especially those with night vision) in the cinema – trust me, I’ve checked.

It Was Like Any Other Night At The Cinema

How it started for us was when we decided to go out together for a movie and dinner one night. At this point, we were already well-established in the relationship.

It was like any one of our other dates… we went into the cinema, with no premeditation of what we were about to do. Little did we know that the darkness gave us the release we needed to explore other things.

As we wanted to cuddle, we chose the couple seats – after all they’re pretty spacious. Naturally, we chose the seats furthest away from any other filled seats in our row.

It came as no surprise that clinging onto each other in the dark, we’d end up eating each other’s face – the darkness providing the oxygen to our hormone-fueled urges to attack each other’s lips.

While kissing silently, my hands started roaming all over her body. My ex was also an adventurous person, so while I was getting touchy feely with her, her hands would go down south – if you know what I mean.

I remember this one time that we decided to get frisky halfway through a movie – what shocked me was how she went down on me there and then.

The adrenaline rush was out of this world. I don’t even remember what movie was playing at the time – my brain had mysteriously turned into mush.

Meanwhile, my eyes were darting frantically around the movie theatre to make sure we wouldn’t be caught for gross indecency.

Luckily, the seats next to us were empty and the nearest people were seated at the row in front of us. We didn’t let out a single squeak, so nobody noticed.

[image source: trulymadly.com]

As heavenly as the experience was, I started to feel the invisible stares of my ancestors glaring down at me from heaven, and I started to feel judged. Reluctantly, I asked her to stop, hinting that we can finish it at home.

Also, I couldn’t finish easily from getting to Third base ― I needed to get to Fourth base to hit a home run, ya know?

Anyway, it was tough walking out of the cinema later. I walked like a crab, acting nonchalant while trying to hide my uncomfortable situation; her face was flushed red, hands clutching her bag tightly. I could tell she was close to the edge.

To keep it short, we went home immediately and went bonkers in bed.

All this happened at least 5 years ago. I haven’t had this kind of adventure for some time now. I guess you can say that a certain degree of maturity has set in.

How I Feel About It Now

Looking back, the thing I loved most about it all was how much my ex-girlfriend enjoyed the exhilaration as much as I did.

While being intimate with her was already an incredible experience, the added rush from the risk of being caught just made it so much more electric.

As graphic as it sounds now, it’s an amazing feeling to have a partner who’s totally down for new adventures with you.

Although we had done so many wild things together; I eventually got out of the relationship with my adventurous ex, put myself through a ridiculous amount of heartache before finding love with my current girlfriend.

These days, I’d rather keep these adventures safe behind closed doors. Not only to protect myself, but my girlfriend’s reputation too. After all, her reputation is more valuable than the 5 minutes of pleasure for me.

I won’t say I’d never do it again. It’s just one of the things that you outgrow as you progress in life.

If Your Hands Are Feeling Itchy…

I don’t think this should be done too frequently. If you’re caught with (literally) your pants down, you can get arrested in Malaysia for public indecency.

It can be all fun and games until you get caught red-handed for committing sexual acts in public areas. If possible, try keeping all sexual and intimate activities behind closed doors.

But for those who thrive in the feeling of adventure, please be inconspicuous. I hope your adventures remain something only you and your partner will know.

For more stories about wild dates, read I Had a Series of Wild Tinder Dates. Here’s What Happened and My First-Time(s), and Why Virginity Shouldn’t Matter at All.

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