A lie to achieve her dreams

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The story begins with a guy who is well known amongst girls, except for this girl who is just focused on her studies and isn’t really exposed to social media. They lived their own lifestyle until they ran into one another.

Their first meet was started with a fight. It was a silence fight almost no one notices it. A lot of days flew and one year passed. Both of them became senior. They meet again. It was coincidental meeting. Both of them entered same club without realising it. Their first conversation started with teasing without any intention.

That guys seemed to interested and wanted to know more about her. They’re hardly talked to each other. Their relationship started as friends as usual. And their friendship continues in social media, Facebook.

Soon the girl notices that the guy seemed to be interested in her. So she backed off.  On the next meeting, that girl hardly talked to him, he notices the changes in her and he knows the reason behind this. But, still he wants to be closed to her. No matter how she avoid him and he still desperately liking her.

A lot of unexpected thing happen between both of them. One of it was, they used to wear same clothing without realising, and he used to praise her whenever saw her in ”baju kurung”. That she finds it uncomfortable and at the same time she wanted to talk harshly so that he won’t annoy her anymore.

However, she scared to do that because it might hurt him. At first she just thought it was a small matter and can be solved and seemed to not bother. The matter get serious when some misunderstanding got between both of them. Whereby this guy mistakenly let his anger on her without no reason. She was pissed off and they begin to apart.

A week after the incident he looked for that girl at every nook and cranny. Sadly he couldn’t found her.  During those days, he felt  empty as it the world is going to end soon. On that moment, he found out ,that he is already fallen in love with this girl without expecting. So he decided to express his feeling towards that girl.

On the other side, this girl is busy with her studies and her goals. She hold the principle whereby she’ll not interested in serious relationship until her dreams are fulfilled. On the warm and sunny Wednesday, the guy meets the girl and express his feelings  towards her ‘’ Oooohhhhh ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh , I’m never expected this would happen’’. He said to himself.  He doesn’t expect that kind of answer from her.

The girl that he fell in love was his own childhood friends since from school days. The most shocking was, she also liked him since childhood. However she cleared up with him that she is not ready for in relationship as she wants to catch up her dreams. The guy seems to understand the situation, so he let the girl to continue her dreams. Soon finals are around the corner, everybody started to pulled out  the whole night to submit their late assignments and project. Meanwhile others busy preparing for their finals as this is their turning point of their dreams.

After a month of final session, everybody were  busy packed up things to spend their holidays  with their families. Apparently this guy desperately wants to meet her for the last as after this everybody would be with their on lives. But the girl hesitated to meet him. So she rushed quickly to the airport before she meet him. ‘’bang, bang’’. Opps sorry!!! The girl ran into that guy. And the guy act gently and told her that he won’t disturbed her anymore and he was committed with somebody else.

The girl was shocked and tears started to roll down her cheeks. She was heartbroken and she went back to her hometown. From that moment she haven’t meet him till now. A few years passed, the girl achieved her dreams and well known among people in city. One day she received a letter from an unknown person, she read the letter and cried out loudly and went to her room to took out a guy picture during his college days.

The letter actually was from that guy who used to love her before. The true reason he left her behind because he had cancer. He even dreamt that both of them living happily with her and once he knows that he had cancer, his dreams was shattered and he had no courage to face that girl in this condition. Therefore, he lied to her in order to make her dreams come true. On that letter, he wished her to be successful and achieve more success in live. And his last word was I love you so much and be happy always.

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