Submit a Personal Story here or share your thoughts on these topics below:

Submit a Personal Story here or share your thoughts on these topics below:

What is your confession(s)?

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How was your first love experience? How did it end?

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If you were the boss of your current company, what would you do differently?

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What was your favourite memory during your childhood?

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How was your first job experience? Tell us your story!

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Malaysians, what have you done to make a ‘merajuking’ partner happy?

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Malaysians, what are some of the fears you’ve conquered so far?

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What are some interesting or weird hobbies you have or know other people have?

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What was the most difficult challenge you’ve faced when switching jobs?

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Have a horror boss story? Share your stories here!

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What’s the worst date you’ve had? Tell us here!

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Love your job? Tell us about it! What do you do, and what’s great about it?

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What was the most extreme way you’ve tried to lose weight? Let us know!

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Malaysians, what was the worst Tinder date you’ve been on? Tell us your story!

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