I hate my job but I don’t want to quit.

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Dear Editor,

I’m in a job I hate, but I’m afraid of quitting. What if I don’t find another job? What should I do?


Hey Unhappy,

Make a list. Do a list of pros and cons, and really evaluate your job. What is your job costing you in the long run? Do you see yourself working there for the next 2, 3 years?

The mistake a lot of people do when they make this list is that they only consider one resource – money. Most people simply see a job in terms of how much money they make each month.

When you convert the list into a numbers list, it becomes deceptively simple – stick with the job which pays the most.

And then they end up in a job they hate.

But you know what? Work enjoyment is a resource. Work-life balance is a resource. Self-development is a resource. Time is a resource. Health is a resource. You need to factor in all these things into your list and your assessment.

Once you do, take a step back, and look at your job as a whole. Maybe the money is good, but what are you trading in for that money? How much is that worth?

Also, don’t limit yourself to the belief that you can’t find a job. You’re an adult with access to the internet and endless resources for self-development. If you don’t have the skills, you can learn it.

Once you’ve decided that your job truly isn’t worth it, start developing your exit plan. Give yourself timelines and start dedicating time to looking for new jobs and discovering other opportunities out there. Start saving money for your emergency fund. Start developing skills for the next job you aim to have.

I myself had to leave a job I was never really satisfied with after seven years. There’s less security in my current job – but I’ve realised that I wasn’t developing my skills and potential before. Sure, things can be rough now, but at least now I see a brighter future for myself, and that’s made all the difference.

The outside world isn’t too scary – take the leap!

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