What Malaysian Women Look For In A Partner

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For Malaysian men, many women are absolutely hard to handle. To Malaysian women, they consider themselves picky.

But honestly, if you want to get the lady, it all boils down to one thing: their type. Malaysia is a highly diverse country, so it’s no wonder Malaysian women are all on the lookout for their ‘type’, which includes personality.

To help struggling Malaysian men understand local women, we asked several Malaysian women what they thought.

Hilary, who was single for almost 9 years, said it’s important for a man to be able to provide security. Not only financially, but also emotionally.

“What I mean is not providing money, but the ability to support me and my family when we start one, and assurance towards his emotional state.

I want my partner to be able to give me assurance of his feelings and how serious he is when he’s with me.”

Angeline, who had just ended her relationship a while ago, says she’s hoping to find a grown man who is selfless. I want someone who can take care of me well, and a man who does not think the world revolves around him.

“I have had good looking partners in the past, and up to some point, I realise they are somewhat narcissistic. Just because of their good looks they think the world revolves around them. Seriously? Grow the hell up will ya?”

Gan, who’s been in a few relationships said she would want a man who’s responsible and accepting.

“I have a difficult family and I hope my partner would understand this and be able to accept me and my family. After all, marriage is never between two people, it involves both families.

“I want him to be able to accept my weaknesses as well, in case he decides to quit in the long run.

“I have had a few relationships which didn’t work out because of this before, so I really think Malaysian men should start to comprehend that marriage goes beyond the likes of us both.”

Kri revealed that she would like a man who is open and modern.

“I want a guy who understands that women have their careers and dreams too, and one who is able to support me and cheer for me, even if it means I am doing better than him.

“Malaysian men tend to have their egos on top their heads sometimes, and it’s hard for us to balance our work life and personal life if we need to constantly stroke their ego. It’s even better if he supports stay-at-home dads. Women dig them nowadays.”

Song, who’s been courted by many men but never did pick up any, shared that she would love for Malaysian men to be more straightforward.

“I lived in the U.S during my primary school period and studied in China later on so I was really surprised at how courageous and upfront men there were in asking a woman out. It was normal for them. But in Malaysia, men sometimes assume the ladies will like them enough if he had just waited or spent more time with her.

“In the U.S, the guys will ask for numbers from whoever they find attractive. It’s something Malaysian men need to muster up courage to do.

“It’s really frustrating for the ladies. Sometimes she does like you back, all you need to do is ask her out! Instead of waiting and miraculously hoping for someone to fall in love with you, get out there and do what you need to do!”

So Malaysian men, what are your thoughts on these comments? If you’re looking for a serious relationship, take note of the points above – I can personally vouch for most of them.

As a single Malaysian woman myself, I’m hoping that Malaysian men have realistic standards when it comes to women and dating. Real life isn’t the same as the movies, and there are so many types of women in the world. Bring no silly expectations to the table and you’ll definitely find your other half to grow old with.

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