What Could Go Wrong on Valentine’s Day — As Told By Malaysians

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Who isn’t excited about Valentine’s Day date night? It’s a night full of love in the air – chocolate, flowers and DATING!

Just thinking about it gives me a thrill of excitement.

And yet, every time V-day comes around, there’s always that one date that goes horribly wrong that everyone has.

Here are four stories shared by everyday Malaysians about all the things that could go wrong on Valentine’s Day:

1. The One with the Fake Goods

Valentine’s Day is one of those days where bragging is at its peak. “My boyfriend bought me this,” or “My husband got me that.”

Especially when it is something expensive and branded. For these people, V-Day is a day to impress.

It was their first Valentine ever, and Henry (*not his real name) wanted to get his girlfriend something special.

“When I walked past a shop selling cheap knockoff versions of branded perfumes, I had a brilliant idea on how to impress her — without breaking my wallet!” he grinned.

He went in and bought one of the perfumes from the shop, and later, casually asked around his friends for a branded gift box and bag to put the perfume in.

“She wouldn’t know if it’s real or fake, anyway,” — or so he thought.

On Valentine’s Day, he proceeded to gifted her with his inauthentic “A-Brand” perfume. She went on to brag about it to her friends, impressed with his dedication.

But her friends realised the brand name was a little smudged, and told her as much. Kantoi! 

She was furious. Long story short, she broke up with him, having been humiliated in front of her friends.

So much for trying to be classy yet save money on Valentine’s Day.

2. The One with the Free Dinner Experience

My first Valentine’s Day was when I was in college, we were both students and we couldn’t afford much.

However, that fateful evening, he rented a car and arranged an event for us to enjoy our evening.

“He must have saved up a lot to be able to rent a car,” I thought, touched by his effort.

Then he brought me to a fund-raising dinner, and at first I thought: “Wow! He must have spent a lot to get us tickets here.”

When I asked him how much the ticket was for the dinner, he said, “It was free!”

Bewildered, I asked him to explain. Apparently, he heard from his friend that the charity group was serving a free buffet to feed the local problematic youngsters from underprivileged families.

I was dumbstruck. Here I am, eating what was supposed to be for the less needy!

After dinner, he stayed back with the charity group and told me to return the rented car myself.

If that wasn’t enough, when I ended up doing it, I was told that the car rent hadn’t yet been paid. Amazing.

Luckily for me, the car rent was cheap, and he only rented it for four hours. I paid the owner and texted him immediately.

His only response was, “I’m really sorry. I want to make it special, but I didn’t have enough.”

My anger evaporated. I felt bad for him; after all, we were college students.

So I just let the whole thing pass.

3. The One with the Recycled Goods

[Source images via Pinterest]
Sometimes, DIY gifts are the most romantic ones especially when it was made from the heart — and other times, the expectation exceeds the outcome.

According to Jenny (*not her real name), her ex had made her a windchime, without spending a cent but using recycled goods that he learned from the internet.

Here’s what she shared:

He told me that he was making me a beautiful wind chime for Valentine’s Day. He couldn’t afford fancy gifts, so, it would be from recycled items.

On Valentine’s Day, I had built up my expectations on that sweet, handmade windchime.

But when I opened my gift, what I found crushed my expectations.

The chimes were made from old Milo cans and seashells, and they were suspended from three planks of wood with pieces of fishing string.

He didn’t even paint the wind chime — instead, scribbled on the top plank with pencil was the word ‘Love’ in Korean.

A little paint or black ink wouldn’t hurt — But his pride was, when he saw the expression on my face.

I felt so bad for the way I reacted, so I just brushed my disappointment aside and put on a delighted smile.

While I tried to be happy and grateful about the gift, his overall lack of effort was simply disappointing.

4. The One who Said “I Don’t Believe In Valentine’s Day.”

A week before Valentine’s Day, Grace (*not her real name) was still dating her ex when he told her Valentine’s Day was nothing but a waste of money.

Here’s her story from her point of view:

When I suggested that we go on a date, he answered, “I’m not into Valentine’s Day celebrations. Why should we spend money just to celebrate that day? If it was your birthday, then it’s okay.”

Those were his words at the time. So, both of us decided to not celebrate the special day but to treat it like any other ordinary day.

Two days before Valentine’s Day, he intentionally picked a fight with me, for reasons I could no longer remember, and broke off the relationship immediately without giving it much thought.

And then, two days later, he was on a date, celebrating Valentine’s Day with his newfound girlfriend.

What a total shocker!

Whatever happened to “I’m not into Valentine’s Day”?

Tyler The Creator: So that was a fucking lie.
[Image via MassAppeal]

The Takeaways

In conclusion, being calculative may not be the best look you can portray especially when you want to impress someone on this coming Valentine’s Day.

It is not a good look that anyone can pull off. Not even if you are a movie star.

A gentleman’s move would always soften the females’ hearts. A little investment won’t hurt.

At least, give your best effort. Who knows, you might not end up alone the next day.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!

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