We’re no longer together but that’s okay

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It’s been years since we broke up…

I remember receiving your good morning messages with some ascents adding “Sayang” and up until now I can’t hear anyone calling me sayang. I just can’t.

Yes I’ve moved on from you, from us, from everything related to us. Though there’s always something that keeps telling me that you were the best for my heart, but we agreed that it wasn’t good for my brain.

It all started with a small puppy love that blossomed into actual love, which when we eventually just stayed there with no changes…which is when it comes to an end.

I moved on from not expecting you to meet me after work especially on Mondays, you bringing me around for dates, the many chocolates you bought for me, the daily calls right before we go to bed, your scent whenever you’re around…

I moved on ! Yes I did!

You’ve gone too far now, with your engagement with your future lady I saw on your social network. I wish you the best and only the very best. Good luck in your married life, keep up the smile you always have in your face.

To the girl who is going to marry you.. You’ll be the luckiest girl because he will love to do all the house chores with you, you’ll get to enjoy his cooking (especially his egg salad) and he loves the rain and long drives. Be with him as much as you can.

We’re still texting since you need a favour from me and I wish I could say “I miss you” but it’s too late, you’ve moved on and I am too.

Let the love vanished by it’s own.

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