My Best Friend’s Wife Thought We Were Gay. Here’s What Went down Between Us

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Jealousy is limitless. Here’s how jealousy affected the friendship between two old friends.

Malik and Zak have been best friends for 16 years. They went to school together and even bunked in the same room during NS.

As grown-ups, they ran a business together, like two peas in a pod. Malik is now engaged and lives a happy life. Meanwhile, Zak found matrimonial happiness six years ago and is trying his best to live happily.

I say “trying”, because Zak has an insanely jealous wife. It was no secret that Suraya detested her husband’s best friend. Malik was perplexed – what could possibly be her problem?

Three’s a crowd

Before Zak got married, he and Malik were already running a business selling aphrodisiacs together. Naturally, they’d spend a lot of time together to make it work. Zak’s wife would constantly wonder why he would come home late.

“Were you trying out your aphrodisiacs on other girls? Huh? Are there OTHER girls? Maybe a prostitute two of you visited late at night? Who are you fucking?!” She was livid.

Zak calmed her down.

Sayang, I didn’t even leave the office. You know that. I’ve to man the support line.”

“All night??” She yelled.

He stroked her hair. “Yelah, kan support line tu sampai 10 PM. I didn’t leave the office at all and I was with Malik the whole time. Kan, Malik, we only left to bungkus some nasi goreng?” he asked Malik, who stood there awkwardly.

Malik nodded, not knowing what to say. The awkwardness was cringeworthy.

“Are you gay?”

Suraya squinted, her eyes shifting between Malik and Zak. Back and forth, like a bug-eyed hyena about to devour these two dudes. She narrowed her eyes at them.

“Are you sleeping together?”

Malik and Zak looked at each other incredulously.

Sayang,” Zak began. “What are you saying?”

Suraya yelled, “Don’t sayang me. This isn’t good enough for me, you have a lot of explaining to do.”

“What do I need to explain? This is ridiculous!” Zak exclaimed.

Crying, his wife pointed an accusing finger at both of them. “Why didn’t you tell me you are gay? Why did you marry me in the first place?”

Malik could only roll his eyes while his friend tried to placate his wife.

How JAKIM joined the fray

And so it began. The arguments erupted on a daily basis. Screaming, cursing, crying, threats – all because she suspected that her husband was having an affair with his best friend.

The gay accusations didn’t end there. Zak’s wife complained about this to both sides of the family. Hers naturally sided with her, while her in-laws admonished Zak over the fact that he had been spending too much time at work.

It was also no secret that they didn’t like Malik. The latter was considered a bad influence due to his “workaholic” and “rebellious” tendencies. One family member even went as far as to call JAKIM to investigate their possible homosexual relationship.

And because a friend knows an uncle who’s neighbors with the son of this random JAKIM officer (yes, we all know that one guy), the said officer decided to pay a visit to Zak’s family. He tirelessly counselled Zak despite his bewilderment, and even went as far as offering to pray for him.

“I’m saying this one last time: I am NOT gay and I am NOT having an affair! Please leave me alone!” Zak’s pleas fell on deaf ears.

“There is a cure for homosexuality, Zak. Tuhan ciptakan manusia berpasang-pasangan. Janganlah lawan ketentuan Allah,” he said.

Zak was at his wit’s end.

My best friend is now my “mistress”

As a result of this whole debacle, Zak’s family forbade him to see Malik. Suraya was jubilant. She finally had her husband all to herself. The partnership was dissolved, and they went separate ways. Malik co-founded his own digital agency with his now-fiancee, and Zak started a modest restaurant.

But once in a while, they would text each other in code, and would meet up secretly to have a drink. And for a few hours once in a few months, they were best friends again.

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