I’m a Local Escort in Kuala Lumpur. Here’s What We Don’t Want You to Know

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Escorts are a dime a dozen here in Malaysia, though I’m not sure a night with them will cost that little. I recently had a chat with several girls who are in one of the world’s oldest professions. Here are some of their secret confessions.

1. We fake orgasms. Most of the time.

We get this question A LOT. Those who know what we do often ask if we fake orgasms when we’re with a client. Our reply? A resounding “Yes!”

To be fair, we don’t do it all the time. There are people with whom we can genuinely connect with, and the sex can be good for both parties.

Oftentimes however, you get annoying clients you just want to get rid of, so you can go back, make hot chocolate, put on a ratty T-shirt and watch Orange Is The New Black.

This is where we get a tad more theatrical than we usually are in real life – we perfect our moans and screams so that it mimics the those JAV porn stars you love.

Sometimes, to keep it realistic, we don’t just go for the big-O. We make all the right noises building up to it too. The little gasps and pants are important. And when the climax does come, we don’t do the ear-splitting scream – it’s a little overboard.

2. We don’t want to do this forever. 

Yeah, the money’s good and if you’re lucky, you can land an awesome sugar daddy. But none of us see this as a long-term career choice – can you imagine listing this down on your LinkedIn profile? I can’t exactly list “a variety of positions” as a professional skill (although it really is).

So if you think the money’s too good for us to do this forever, you’re wrong. A lot of us are between jobs or need a quick buck for college, but most of us don’t see ourselves in this job for very long.

3. We come from all walks of life.

It’s easy making money as an escort, so it comes as no surprise that it appeals to a lot of people. Here’s something they don’t tell you – anyone could be an escort if they wanted to.

Sure, leave a big portion of your morals at the door. Once you take that away, you have a no-brainer, all-boner job.

So anyone could be escorts, and escorts could be anyone. That cute part-timer who made your Subway and tossed some salad between your meat? She could be one. Oh, what about kindly Mrs. Wong from next door who gave you some delish pudding last week, whom you caught being dropped off her front door by a suave man in his Bentley? She. Could. Freaking. Be. One. Too.

4. We feel lonely and insecure too.

It may seem like we have it all – beauty, trendy vacay trips, and money from appreciative clients. What we try super hard to conceal from you is that we’re just like anyone else, too.

Just like you, we often ask if we would find The One and live happily ever after, but we don’t show it because hey, it’s our job. It’s not cool to be less than perfect for your date.

So before you treat us like a giant walking Fleshlight, try and imagine the life we have and the issues we need to deal with. Maybe then you’ll have more empathy for that chick you’re banging over the sink.

5. Some of us do it for the thrill.

This may come as a big surprise: Sometimes money is not the primary reason we do this. A handful of us are into escorting because we crave that sense of danger and the unexpected.

It’s like, taking a gamble on your life by going out with a stranger, entering his car, his bed, and then having HIM enter YOU later and not knowing what may happen. The reward? Once we survive another date, we feel alive again. Euphoric adrenaline can be addictive. It’s not always money we think of when we put our Louboutins on and head out the door to yet another dazzling date.

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