I Met A Guy With a Foot Fetish And This Is What Happened

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Story by idontwannabeyouanymore 

I’m gonna tell a story about the time I met a man with a foot fetish.

[Image by Dan Gold]

Back when I was working in my first job, the salary was very low to the point I couldn’t eat much and didn’t have savings.

During this period of time, I needed to repair my tooth because there was something really wrong with it. It needed some operation and then a restoration afterwards.

Basically it needed a lot of money and I couldn’t afford it, but I really had to get that procedure as my tooth really hurt.

So for that period of time, while having a broken tooth in my mouth, I tried to find money as fast as possible.

I sold everything I could think of, until I had nothing else to sell, but I still did not have enough money.

In that year, Craigslist dating was still available. 

So I went to Craigslist trying to find money fast.

It got me into a job as a foot fetish worker (I don’t know what to call it).

I met the foot fetish guy as he clearly stated in the craigslist post that he is looking for someone to suck the toe.

I am not in any way aroused by feet. But I was broke and I thought, “This is not bad, because I don’t have to have sex with anyone. Just let my foot be sucked, sounds easy.”

I met him at a mutually promised place. He actually seemed very kind and he was younger than me. He was apparently still a student.

So we went to his house which was a creepy place. On the way home, he bought strawberry milk. Like, just a strawberry milk, that’s it.

[Image via PNGimage]

His house is in a condo and it looks old and there is no furniture other than tv, sofa and bed. Even the bed doesn’t have a sheet on it. It looks like a home that hasn’t been lived in for a long time.

But the TV was working so he turned the TV on and opened a K-drama that he likes and he told me to watch first.

So I did, I watched it with him and for a while we just watched the drama, laughed, talked a bit, kind of like a friend.

Then he asked me if I wanted to start, to which I agreed.

So he put my feet onto a big bowl and then he filled it with the strawberry milk. At this point, I thought “Oooh, that’s what the milk is for.”

I felt really weird that he kept on sucking my toe and he was getting aroused with it, while I just sat there avoiding eye contact and feeling that this whole thing is so bizarre.

It felt ticklish at the same time because I am a ticklish person, which after he found out, he loved it so much.

Apparently he doesn’t just have a kink for foot but was also into tickling. He told me that.

Once everything was done, he then asked if he could tickle me, which got me really scared. I hate being tickled.

He offered to raise the price if he can tickle me. It was tempting, but… I really hate being tickled and the money from just this was enough to cover the dental surgery, so I’m good.

I refused.

He was indeed a nice person, it’s just that he had a somewhat unusual kink. So we spent the rest of the night talking.

[Image by Frank Vessia]

Although he is a nice person, I never wanted to do it ever again. 

He kept asking me to level up the next time we do it again. He even sent me a lot of BDSM videos.

I am a plain person in terms of sex, so that kind of thing really did bother me and after that I just never replied to him ever again.

(If you’re reading this, sorry I ghosted you!)

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