Sex education is a taboo topic for most Malaysians - but just how applicable was it in adulthood?

Growing up in Malaysia, we could have gone to SJK(C) or SK. Which one had it better?

As a new mother, there are those who claim to know 'everything' about motherhood, offering advice and help - that you did not ask for.

A lot of us grew up using made-up terms and euphemisms to refer to our periods. But why is a natural biological function such a hush-hush thing?

Malaysians are among the worst when it comes to work/life balance - I was one of the many casualties of the modern overworked lifestyle.

Being single should be the norm, not the other way round. The freedom of singleness is empowering when you choose it for yourself.

I used to think that it’s our responsibility to raise a family. But my perspective changed ever since that day.

Is she a fan of mamak, or does she hate it? Knowing what your date’s tastes are (pun intended) is what makes a good impression.

Many people with depression don’t want to deal with the misunderstanding or judgement of others, so they hide it. Here’s how to tell if someone you know is going through it.

Recently, my friends discovered what I do for a living in HR, and I have checked one too many CVs lately.

If you find yourself stuck in your car during a flood, do not panic. Stay calm and follow these 6 tips.

If I could choose whether to have experienced my first heartbreak, with all its numbing pain and endless crying, I’d say yes.

I’ve realised that it’s not worth getting angry about what you read, when you could spend your day doing something you love.

The term “Tanjung Rambutan” is what Malaysians use to refer to a mentally unwell person, due to its relationship to the infamous Hospital Bahagia.

When we're young, we feel like sometimes parents can be too harsh. Looking back you realise -  they're human too. 

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