My partner and I argue petty stuff like “Why did you take this jammed road?” to serious issues, like “Why are you always avoiding my family functions?”

I unfollowed every single person on social media and basically Marie Kondo-ed my thoughts. Does this thought spark joy? No? Away it goes.

As a stay-at-home mum, I’ve drawn some flak from relatives and friends who think I am wasting my overseas education and job skills and resources.

From big ballroom dinners at fancy hotels to garden luncheons with performances by Chinese acrobats, I cannot afford to compete for ‘Wedding of the Year’, nor am I interested in doing so.

Not every house purchase will guarantee a return of profit. Buying a house for your own stay is always better than renting. 

I remember being quite jealous of my friends who still had fathers. Even now, reading Father’s Day posts on social media still makes me a little sad.

Having so much attention focused on my “illness” made me feel happy and valuable. I was left was a sick sense of accomplishment, but I still was lonely.

No one around me made me feel weird for wanting to learn Jawi. In my mind, I was just learning something new in school.

Reconnecting with a sister whom you've not spoken to in 30 years can be awkward at first, to say the least. Here's how I reconnected with my long-lost sister and how it changed my life.

Gaming for me was actually a crutch for what I really wanted: A way to rejoin and reconnect with people and the rest of the human race in the aftermath of a life-destroying divorce.

Cikgu Lan had lost his job and was deep in depression. But with the help of three ‘superheroes’, he started his social enterprise with his friends to help underprivileged children study for their UPSR exams.

Farid was healthy, athletic - everything happened so abruptly, and Leen was left on her own to deal with the aftermath of his sudden passing. But he left behind a gift that changed everything,

C.K. Chang, founder of Oxwhite, tells the story of how he brought quality white shirts over to the Asian market, so they can enjoy the same level of comfort and confidence as their European counterparts..

I suffered from eczema since I was 3 years old. 90 of my body would be covered in skin flakes and weeping sores. But when I started paying attention to my diet, that's when my life turned around.

I had been romantically rejected by my friend, and a few months later, she wanted to start anew. I was conflicted, but what my mother said knocked me to my senses.

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