The worst thing that could happen is seeing all your economy rice-earned money going to some bank account scammer. Better to have it in something concrete, like a house. But what kind of research needs to be done before you make the leap to buying a property?

Roadside offerings of chicken and fruits, burning of hell notes, loud music and dancing on Getai stages - just some of the things you might see during Hungry Ghost Month. But what does it all mean? And what are the taboos you should avoid?

Even though I was expecting it, I couldn’t hold back the tears when the truth was finally staring me in the face. I cried at the restaurant where he broke the news to me, and all the moments in between.

The Haze is back! And its not leaving anytime soon. While most of us would rather simply stay indoors and pretend it doesn't exist, here's 5 top tips on how to beat it.

Based on the data, single-sex schools often produce higher academic achievements, whereas for social skills and sports achievements, co-ed schools tend to excel more. But how do regular Malaysians see it?

It has been seven years since her passing but it's really hard to look back at the memories and not break down in tears. However, along the years, I learned to reminisce about the good times we had shared.

There were nights when my dad would tell my mom that he would be busy working, that he’s going out with his friends and won’t come back for the night. Ever since we read that chat log, we knew that these were lies.

More and more regular people are getting tattoos in Malaysia. The stigma against tattoos still exists, but a growing number of young people see them as another form of joyous self-expression.

Although not all doctors give off predatory vibes, what do you do if you come across a situation where your doctor has begun to make you feel uncomfortable?

I've always admired their independence and strong will, but I can’t figure out one thing - why do they stay in their problematic marriages, even when their husbands cheat on them and marry other women?

Photo by from Pexels

I can’t picture myself having a child because I don’t think I can afford them, or provide a viable future for them. How can I, when I can barely help myself?

Kindness is a wonderful virtue but not everyone is worth helping. Some are just there to take advantage of you.

I always relished the thrill of guilty pleasure when I popped the plastic cover with the comically large straw and took my first sip of pure happiness. But when it started to become a day-to-day routine, that's when I realised I had to quit.

Boyfriends can be sweet, caring, and smart one moment, and be the most insensitive racist the next. But instead of getting angry, you can change his mind - Here's how I did it.

In the darkness, you are given a sort of privacy. I’m sure most people had, at some point, tried to make their dates ‘wild’ in the cinemas. I won’t deny it myself — it’s fun.

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