The location-independent lifestyle sounds like freedom – work on your laptop from anywhere in the world, and make money on your own terms. It’s been over a year since I went into this lifestyle, and let’s be honest here – life hasn’t been all Piña Coladas and Bali beaches.

Until we find that one person who brightens up our world, we’ll stay single. INFJs just won’t settle for anything less.

Though some may think it’s degrading like being a bibik or amah (maid at home), but cleaning up after someone’s trash was my opportunity to make money.

Father's Day is around the corner and we asked four fathers, across two and a half generations, to share with us their unique experiences of being a dad!

It's nothing like in the movies. Racist jokes, micro-aggressions, mansplaining, bland food, condescension - these are just some of the things you might have to deal with daily when dating a white guy.

We all have that embarrassing story about our periods; here are a few from Malaysian women.

A career break helps your career. How contradictory does that sound? I knew that I couldn’t escape the stress that comes with work, but I did learn that sometimes, all we need is a simple recharge.

Rape culture is very much alive in Malaysia. Victim blaming, slut-shaming, sexual objectification, denial of rape, refusing to acknowledge harm. It’s so normalised that most women are immune to it, while some men don’t even realise it exists.

My parents pushed me to “be normal,” to “get a life.” I refused. Then they listened to advice from their extended family. What they did next was my first experience of betrayal.

Would you rather be that overbearing ass who forces people into unwanted hugs and makes everyone uncomfortable?

Not having a smartphone kept me in the dark from the latest happenings around the office.

Malaysia is perhaps best known for its diversity, but it also comes with complex and multifaceted acts of racism. Not all of them are as explicit as assault or harassment, but more subtle forms of racism.

Despite their rarity, women are finally gaining the recognition they deserve.

Those were the first things I said to myself as I forced my exhausted being of an existence out of bed.

I enjoyed being a teacher, which is why it’s heart breaking to say this – teachers today have been replaced by technology.

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