Are you looking for inspiring places to practice your photography skills?

It can be tough planning a first date.

In the past, I would have planned to be married and have children by this age, but things didn't turn out the way I planned. Instead, it becomes another chapter of my life.

After telling her parents about her boyfriend, she broke up with him.

I can control my alcohol very well, it’s not a proud thing, really. I’ve a lot of health problems now from all the drinking I’ve done.

Let’s see how close the myths about smoking marijuana are to real life experiences.

Disgusted yet? Wait till I tell you what goes on behind their closed doors.

Inspired by Digi's Chinese New Year video, IRL decided to relive some of these grandfather stories.

She was a very reserved girl, nice, soft-spoken and for a nerdy guy like I am. On top of that, she's really pretty.

Are Malaysians that gullible?

The moment a HR manager sees your resume with multiple jobs in only a few years, they immediately label you as disloyal, picky, and entitled.

Life becomes an ongoing game with fun “skill upgrades”, “immediate goals” and optional “side missions”.

A ‘Queen Controller’ – known locally as wives who control their husbands’ activities and well, basically everything about them.

The thought that this decision will affect the lives of 30,000 Chins who are now seeking refuge in Malaysia is simply heart-breaking.

There is no job in this world that comes without stress. It’s part of it. However, if the stress comes with sleepless nights and constant terror attacks, that’s a sign that it’s a toxic work environment.

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